Troopers arrest Woman High on Bath Salts





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Published on Oct 17, 2011

Troopers from the Cambridge Post arrest a woman following a traffic stop. She later admits to consuming $20 worth of Bath Salts in this 2011 dash cam video.

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Robert Curtis
nice to see a cool headed cop. He should be a model for recruitment.
+Robert Curtis Glad to report that a good number of OSHP troopers have similar temperament.
Allen Pendleton
You see how this cop handled the situation totally professional. he obviously could tell she was high but didn't yell at her and just did his job and then took her in to custody without being an ass. This is how cops should act, they have a job to do but they can be cool about doing it and still enforce the law 
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+Rookie Freediver I wasn't saying they were sub humans.
Rookie Freediver
+Indistractable However much you need. 
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Knox vL
Not all cops are killers, clearly this cop was a nice person. This is too all you people that want too call the cop a pig, he's doing his job correctly and properly. 
I dunno if I could do that sobriety test sober.
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M Paxton
+Russ Aikman I don't want to refuse, I just can't physically pass one because of my medical /nerological issues. I would cooperate every way otherwise. I cannot stand with my eyes cloesed and I cannot walk a straight line. I have a staggering, unsteady gait that would foul me up drunk or sober!
Russ Aikman
Completely voluntarily and I always stated that "You have the right to refuse any of these tests". Loved it too, because that basically took away a defense attorneys fight. They argue and fight about the field sobriety tests. 
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What about the little dog in the car? I always wonder what law enforcement protocol is when there is a dog left in the car during an arrest of the owner. It was obviously hot and he asked her to roll the windows up so the dog didn't jump out. Hopefully they got him out of the car right away :(
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Derrick Wright
My cousins were charged an animal "rescue fee" of $75. Missouri
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I can't believe the idiots who are calling this cop a pig.He was incredibly nice to this woman!What exactly do you expect him to do?"I know you're wacked out on something,but go ahead and get in your car,possibly crash into someone and kill them.Or even kill yourself crashing into a pole."Dumb asses!
Rookie Freediver
+IcePrincess751 Drug addicts and drunk drivers don't see anything wrong with driving intoxicated. To them you and the cops are the bad guys. We need to remove drivers licenses permanently after the second DUI/OWI offence.
Ray  Crews
If she was on bathsalts she is the most in calm and in control person I've seen on youtube using the drug
Morgan More
finally a drug that allows demons to enter the human body with out effort,,,,  
Morgan More
know this you will sooner than you can believe  find out who Jesus is
fake, thats the power of jesus.
Nusipepa Lepaio
nowhere near bath salts more like she was tweaking on meth
bath salts only exist because cocaine and meth are illegal 
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+Michele Gifford There's your workable solution to a complex public health problem, everyone. Just say no, because Jesus.
+Spixce  Except when they trip out and loose the plot. Or Rob people to pay for their addiction. Its a health and crime problem.
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