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Published on Aug 25, 2011

In the 33rd episode of Pensado's Place, Dave is joined by Mastering Engineer David Kutch of The Mastering Palace (http://www.themasteringpalace.com). David has mastered albums for such artists as Alicia Keys, Puff Daddy, John Legend, Yelawolf and Outkast. David answers viewer questions in "The Corner Office", and was kind enough to join us for "Batter's Box" as well! At the end of the episode, the guys announce the Avid Pro Tools 9 Week 5 Giveaway winner.

Special thanks as always to our awesome partners Vintage King! (http://www.vintageking.com)

0:16 - Introductions
5:30 - ITL, Introduction to De-Essing
14:00 - Introducing Dave Kutch
14:48 - Dave Kutch's on Mobile Mastering and Mastering Alicia Key's album at her house
17:18 - Dave Pensado asks: How do you listen, what are you listening for...how do you listen when not in a "traditional studio"?
19:15 - Herb: Did the advent of people listening on computers and ear buds affect your mastering?
20:45 - Pensado: When you mastering, what advice can you give to mix engineers about the low-end and levels?
21:50 - Pensado: Do you have a favorite multiband compressor? (T-Racks Multiband Compressor)
22:50 - Pensado: I'm fascinated by transients, give an example of how you approach transients and the manipulation of them?
24:26 - Pensado: When you're talking about the 80hz and 5k ranges, how do you go about manipulating transients in those ranges?
26:03 - In terms of the loudness wars, at what level is change acceptable? What, philosophically speaking, is your approach to loudness?

"When the loudness wars were at it's worst, was in '02-'05, I lost a lot of work,... a lot of albums...because I refused to do it"

28:30 - Herb: When you're mastering, who are you hearing from: the artist, the manager, the fans ect...?
30:17 - Pensado: Can you elaborate on how you use multiple compressors to control levels instead of just using one compressor to do all of the heavy lifting?
33:41 - Dave: You seem to think more like a mixing engineer than a traditional mastering engineer.
34:50 - Dave: What's an approach that someone at home, that couldn't afford you, could take to their own mixes?
38:00 - Pensado: When I started out, I thought mastering were saviors. Are we expecting too much from the mastering process or not enough?
39:50 - Pensado: Whats you opinion on the L-2?
41:52 - Dave Kutch takes viewer questions in "The Corner Office"
42:00 - "Is it possible to master in your home studio, or is it a must to go to a mastering specialist?"
43:39 - "How do you balance artist taste and pressure from record companies regarding dynamic range?"
44:37 - The Loudness Wars are OVER, and have become almost a non-issue in the past few years.
45:23 - "Do you find yourself applying more EQ or Compression when mastering certain types of music?
46:40 - Vintage King's "Batters Box":
Whats your favorite tool for repair work? 
44.1k or 48k?
Clock or no Clock?
Prefer to master a crummy .wav file or an .mp3 file?
Fade or no fade?
Best plug-in or gear for MORE?
Favorite amount of head room, whats your cut-off?
Width? Do you prefer it or not?
Stones or Beatles?

53:10- Avid Pro Tools 9 giveaway

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