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Published on Sep 13, 2017

Tucker Carlson: News, trending ...#1 Show, "TuckerCarlsonTonight"
https://www.gp7a.com/tuckercarlsonton... Tucker Carlson calls for "Google to be regulated", What" "Tucker Carlson Tonight Show Google Monopoly News Yelp Me Luther Lowe, does not like the competition, so get out and statrt your own browser. Yelp, manipulates, their content, their algorithms, their advertisers, and to the highest bidder. "Luther Lowe, the VP of Yelp, is trying to BS, Tucker Carlson! I don't believe Tucker Carlson is that gullible, Tucker,has been talking with the wrong, people who don't know Jack! Did you hear about #TaptheVote on Tucker Carlson Tonight Google Monopoly News Yelp Luther Lowe"." is it illrelevent for irrelevant. Alternative spelling, is okay. Did you hear about Tucker Carlson Tonight Google Monopoly Yelp Luther Lowe"."

"Marcus Giavanni say's ... Tucker Carlson is the #1 Show Cable, rightly so Marcus Giavanni GP7A News Google" knowing Tucker Carlson, knowing tucker Carlson tonight, or Tomorrow night, on FOX News Channel"."

Tucker Carlson rate Google Monopoly Yelp's Luther Lowe Crybabies Tonight PUBLISHED Sep 11, 2017 12:13 Am by MARCUS GIAVANNI | GP7A | GP7A News | GOOGLE News | United States | Ratings | TUCKER CARLSON | Tucker Carlson Tonight | Yelp | LUTHER LOWE | If you don’t Like Google | Stop Using It | Stop Your Crying | Stop Your Crying

GP7A News: Tucker Carlson, trending, #1 show ttp://gp7anews.com/tuckercarlson.html Tucker Carlson Tonight Show ratings is #1. But Tucker Carlson will be losing rankings on Google. Commentator Tucker Carlson, who many known in my Google Clouds. I have predicted, the downfall of Mr. Bill, and replaced by Tucker Carlson. The cry baby session was the Sep 11, 2017 show. Where guest Luther Lowe, V.P. of Yelp, were both crying like babies, on how Google is an alleged monopoly.

Fox News is a Monopoly, Tucker Carlson can’t have the people he wants on his shows. Because Carlson must ask FOX News. Luther Lowe is crying to Tucker Carlson, because Google, has rules, and like FOX News. Google has a right to run their business model any way they want. If These crybabies don’t like it. Then they should go use Yahoo, Bing, there are many other browsers to choose from. Therefore, Google, cannot be the Monopoly, these babies are claiming Google to be.

Thus, Google is not the only browser in the world for end users to use. I don’t use Yahoo, I don’t use Bing, because they do the same thing Google does, and FOX News does. They all have an essential point, a mission, and a board, and employees to care out the flow chart of command, order, and sales. Period!
The secret hate that Tucker Carlson has for Google is obvious, when you see his brow line, look like “Ice Cube”. I personally get some of my news from Tucker Carlson. I believe he’s not the smartest man in the room, but is well versed, and seen, heard, and dome many things over the course of his life.

No, Google has public Google Developers, they offer to everyone, and it’s free. FREE, FREE, FREE.Therefore, all the claims of monopoly, go right down the proverbial Black Hat Abyss, as irrelevant content on Google. Period! A message to Luther Lowe, if you hate Google so much. Go create your own Browser. But rest assure, there will be someone like you; crying about the same things Luther Lowe, is crying about now. That’s why, I no longer use YELP. Because you do, the exact same thing you are accusing Google of doing, your operating … like a TOOL! Crybaby Tonight PUBLISHED Sep 12, 2017 2:13 Am by MARCUS GIAVANNI, GP7A with GP7A News, GOOGLE News in the United States. It’s Ratings time TUCKER CARLSON of the Tucker Carlson Tonight, show and follies. Is #1 show, and it deserves to be. Tucker Carlson, deserves to be, where he is. Staying there, and staying relevant is everything, and the only thing on Google.

I suggest, FOX concentrates on its assets, and broadcast means, and revenue shares. And let Google control its own platform. Just because Google don’t need to advertise on FOX networks.
Just means you all need to find you niche, as I did, and fire all your SEO gurus, they suck. And if Google was so bad, why do they allow your negative, and hostile takeover of Google browser, and sick the Federal dogs of relief, so Google must submit to FOX Tucker, Yelp, and all other actors coming fourth with a fake battle cries, for their ways, and means. WTFNK! Ya’ Heard ME!
-Marcus Giavanni


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