Max Is Killing the FGC?





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Published on Aug 2, 2012
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Darko Corp
Years later, he wins an EVO award for helping the FGC
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he IS killing the fgc
Amazigh Gamer
+NuclearConvoy i'm happy for him ^^
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This is definitely distasteful on this type of video, but I needed to get something off of my chest. Max looks like Nicholas Cage.
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Chad Kroeger
Fábio Gaspar
He looks like Nicholas Cage fucked the guy from Nickelback and their spawn was Max, 100%.
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Without noobs we won't get the next gen of top players. Simple as. Everyone starts off a noob 
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noob or newbie it's all the same you're acting like people said the fuckin n word or some shit, and even if they did, that's a dumbass argument either way. words aren't bad, context and the emotion behind words is what makes them harmful or not
+SabretoothG 😂😂😂 omce a beast always a best
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"You bring a bad name to the fighting game community" ... By preaching good sportsmanship? What? WHAT?
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Evil-Dog Productions
not even sure why he's responding to this idiotic message lol
Oinker Bob
+Black Pants In the last few months, I've realized that. In that time, I've learned that they pushed SFV for their own fucking tournament league. This doesn't help balance; it only helps them sell in the short term.
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Magnetic Rose
What!? People complaining about noobs? Wth. We need more noobs, I have to win every now and then.
Pancake for breakfast
+CHEZ PIZZA hahahahaha
I'm a noob myself and I agree with this lmao
Ryan Dartez
This guy who sent you that message and people who think like him can kiss my ass. When I was a little kid I loved SF2, but I couldn't learn how to do the special moves. I began playing the games at around 6-7 years old (in 91 when they came out), but didn't figure out how to do the special moves until I was around 14 (never could figure out how to read the command lists in the old magazines). When I asked someone older if they could show me how to do a special move, they always gave me that bullshit condescending attitude you're talking about here. I can't believe people like that still exist in the FGC.
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Martin Mooney
Ryan Dartez They are the worst dude. These are the guys who message me after matches or get on the mic and flame me. Just because I play the way I want to...
+JuanTurks27 The only time you really see over aggressive people attacking casuals are stream monsters. Everyone else for the most part is friendly. Here and there you might here an OG bring up things like how playing pad used to be shunned or w.e but they never attack anyone flat out. Thats still not to say the FGC doesn't have shitty people. It's like a cool kid club with the top players where they all suck each other off and that can be annoying but besides that the FGC isn't that bad.
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that message read like it was low tier god.
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actually ltg has been quoted to say that if he and Max did business they'd "make a lot of money together"
kusanara keoto
Did u guys know that ltg hate maximilian dood??
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Will Get Carried For Nudes
The FGC is killing the FGC!
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Rast Brattigan
+シャナ Shana Like a bitch.
Axsen _
+angelshark64 Lol wtf. Just now like six months later you reply? And I can't delete comments bud, only the person who made the original comment can do that. Calm the fuck down.
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There's a good reason why games as rich and competitive as Fighting Games are still so niche. It's the downright elitist attitude of the community, shown right on full display in this message.
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Kewl Beans
+Rivershield true enough but i think if you're going to learn a language, it's best to learn from someone who natively speaks it. sure you can learn english from translated japanese games but there are better options. japanese media is notorious for screwing up english. free tip: if you can find english games with text (subtitles) that are translated to portuguese you might have an easier time. then again i thought i'd learn spanish the same way you're learning english by watching spanish tv w/ subtitles on...wasn't the best idea lol.
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Bumbleness Supreme Brady
Why bitch more people are joining a community? Nobody picks up their first fighter and play exceptionally well. They start off a noob and work their way up to being a competitive player. So, to bitch about Max bringing more people into the scene is ridiculous. Every player, no matter how bad, has the potential to be an exceptional player. To be an elitist asshole is just making people who would grow to be exceptional to leave and add nothing to the FGC.
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Violent J.D.
+Dudley Hudgenson which is why we have fucking supers in tekken 7.. Even the people on Revolution who SUCK talk shit.. like wow
+Dudley Hudgenson I feel that way a lot with Street Fighter X Tekken, but Tekken as well because sometimes I would beat a higher rank by just using simple moves to drain their health down to nothing then get hate mail about it.
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