The Lion King - Scar Hits Sarabi





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Published on Nov 28, 2009

A scene from The Lion King.

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I think Sarabi is one of the most underrated characters ever. Here she is, believing her son and husband are dead, watching her home be torn to pieces and having to deal with her crazed brother-in-law...and she still holds herself up with the grace and poise of a queen looking out for her people. Long live Queen Sarabi!
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Idk, Scar is willing to murder his brother and young nephew and slap his sister in law. Wouldn't surprise me if he did things like that too ..
Nick Martinez Scar is raping no lioness coz he's a pussy...
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Ella Lightwøød-Høwlter
I love how she just walks through the hyenas with her head held higha true queen <3
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You know, I never realized what a great character Sarabi was. I mean, she gets almost NO screen time, but those few scenes she gets are just awesome.
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Mask Gamer
+Ibrahim Mulhim I miss my queen sarabi
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Dr Famine
Sarabi is so classy. Gotta love her.
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Dominique Jennings
Such a class act
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Gotta love Sarabi "If you were HALF the king Mufasa was" damn that was goooooood
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Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)
Ouhuhuhuuu say it again
ChelseaTheChihuahua ha he's ten ten times the king ...
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Does anyone notice that this is the only time in a Disney movie that a man slaps a woman?
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Queen Elsa aint got nothing on this lady.
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Ezra The Wisest
i will say it now Sarabi is perfect even though shes my mother
+Evie Addy why are we arguing elsa and sarabi anyway? everyone's different.
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Cassidy Faith
Poor Sarabi She's had so much stolen from her Her mate Her son Her homeland And still she keeps a strong demure for the sake of her pride Even though you can see how heartbroken she is
Scar: "Mufasa! No, your dead!" Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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Anselm Chavez
99thJediWarrior if simba didn't say that he was simba then that would of been pretty fun to toy around with until he exiled scar that way he'd scare him to death not to mention he totally deserved it😠😡😈
It's just so funny in the way he said it!
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Aaron Redd
if that was my mom he would have got them hands
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Ezra The Wisest
+Scar The Out Land Lion y did u hit mom
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