Preparing for court cases! (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007)




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Published on Jan 29, 2017

(DETAILED CONTENTS BELOW) Dr Katherine Horton explains in detail how victims can prepare for the upcoming court cases against the intelligence agencies.
- 0:00 Targeted Individuals
- 0:40 The intelligence agencies are in Deep Capture and out of control
- 1:05 Human experimentation for junk science
- 1:40 70-80% of the victims are women
- 3:30 Deep Capture in our intel agencies, police and courts
- 5:10 Psyops and brainwash: "conspiracy theory" and "tin foil hats"
- 7:00 Professional saboteurs, con artists, assassins against single women
- 8:35 Don't fall into learned helplessness, sue them!
- 9:00 Acts of war: truncating communication channels
- 9:10 Intelligence agencies are running a dirty war on the women in society - these are crimes against humanity
- 9:40 Intelligence agencies are playing ignorant and stupid
- 11:20 Try many things to fight them at the same time!
- 12:00 What to do to MOVE TO COURT CASES!
- 12:20 Courts have the power to stop the government
- 13:00 Now we are going to shut these things down for good!
- 13:40 Mix of individual cases and class / group actions
- 17:00 Find lawyers
- 17:35 Find other victims WHOM YOU TRUST for a class action
- 19:00 If you don't have money find Pro Bono lawyers
- 19:45 Crimes against humanity from the biggest Nazi/Communist/Psychopath System ever seen in the history of mankind
- 21:35 LEGAL POINT: Crimes against humanity don't have a limitation period (meaning there is no deadline).
- 22:45 LEGAL POINT: These PREMEDITATED crimes are being committed by the intelligence agencies
- 24:47 You don't have to prove every last detail about the technology and do the full forensics yourself to get for example an injunction in court
- 26:00 Any police officer / station refusing help is captured - they have to be removed
- 28:00 LEGAL POINT: Check standard of proof for an injunction
- 30:00 LEGAL POINT: The character and past behaviour of the Respondent (so the intelligence agencies) in a court case is also relevant
- 32:35 LEGAL POINT: You don't need a secret ("in camera") trial because you don't need to discuss classified information
- 34:33 LEGAL POINT: Their "neither-confirm-nor-deny" policy is no worse than a
- 36:00 People in the victim community are compiling a list of references to show the background of the technology and answer a list of Frequently Asked Questions
- 37:15 GET GOING NOW!
- 38:25 (1) KEEP A LOGBOOK
- 40:10 (2) MAKE BACKUP COPIES OF THE LOGBOOK (photo, cloud storage)
- 44:10 LEGAL POINT: Combining evidence from independent people who all report the same is strong evidence.
- 44:50 (3) Collect all forms of evidence: physical, photos, video, audio.
- 46:11 (4) TESTIMONIES (from friends, family, experts)
- 52:30 LEGAL POINT: Any sabotage you experience in preparations is PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE
- 54:30 (6) Photograph gang stalkers and cars that follow you, record number plates with the colour and make of the car
- 58:20 Example of victims tracking down agents using photographs
- 1:01:00 (7) Following up on gang stalkers will likely uncover real criminals, so it is a SERVICE TO SOCIETY
- 1:03:50 Documents are being prepared to help you (FAQ, reference lists) and some high-calibre people are helping us behind the scenes
- 1:04:20 (8) EVERY BIT OF EVIDENCE IS VALUABLE, so write you victim testimony YOURSELF and DON'T BE INFLUENCED BY OTHERS
- 1:07:10 If you get rejected, don't despair. IT'S LIKE A HELICOPTER: GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES IS WHAT GIVES US THE UPLIFT!

- Capture & Deep Capture: https://youtu.be/VhDsBhunhyg
- Psychopath Magnets: https://youtu.be/IE3Swn83gf8
- Psychopaths: https://youtu.be/gxztnAgU8jE
- Deprogramming from brainwash: https://youtu.be/bOthXnGaVqY


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