9/11 Amateur Punks, 3 broken Laws of Reality 2




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Published on Jan 10, 2008

The child of these three vids:
9/11 Amateur Part One
They are Punks

Which are better singly and added together (the sum) than this eisen.

I am a little naive.

I still believe in the verities. The classical virtues. " Morgan Reynolds

Problem with the videos,
Meat and Pototoes:
1. Videos
2. Newton's law.

For every action there is an equal and opposite


objects tend to keep on doing what they are doing unless acting upon by a outside force.

3 broken Laws of Reality.

Conversation between Morgan Reynolds and Jeff Wells, Jan 9th 2008, Dynamic Duo Radio Show channel GCN

[transcription may be paraphrased in parts]

9100 gallons in a 767 of that model is only 38% full, 32,980 gals is the capacity
so there's not a lot right here
most amazing concession of the NIST official
regarding the fuel
he said, obviously the fuel got pretty deep into the building,
where there was an ignition source and, hmpt, there ah,
"It's miraculous when you look at it."

Well, I go to the dictionary,
miraculous is an adjective
meaning "of the nature of a miracle" and a miracle defined as quote an event that appears unexplainable
by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of god unquote

So Jeff ("pump-it-out") has done an amazing thing here where he's got a NIST official to acknowledge that there's
a miracle ongoing here, in this crash footage.

Good work.

JW:Well, they've definitely have a serious
problem if they are going try and prove a
fairy tale.

Thinker bell and lots of pixie dust. That's
amazing Jeff because, what you exposed this as, is nonsense on stilts.

As Brits would say, nonsense on stilts.

NIST comes along they re really trying to
bulrush America and the world.

Bulrush America and the world.
We got 10K pages in our report
We have 200 experts
They are all hired guns or employees.
It's outrageous.
The Truth? It's beyond outrageous.

JW:Actually you know how George Bush went on in
his speech and he said:
"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy
theories concerning the attacks of sept.

The Truth *is* outrageous. That's the whole thing!

MR:The perps had a long time to plan this.
I would be more worried, as they were, about
the cover-up, because there would be people
on the trail, who don't believe the
government on just about anything.

Nothing that we can't prove independently.

You just don't accept theories that haven't
been proven up. There's no reason to accept

It's like the scientific method.

You don't accept theories that haven't been
proven up. Or have evidence on their behalf
or some consistency with what we know

([So they make it so outrageous and that's

a method to get it accepted. Since it's
no even bothered to be examined. The idea
it would be a hoax is so far fetched?).ed]

Who's said the best way to control the
opposition is to lead it?

That's so right.

People don't wear big buttons saying "I'm a
perp aider and abeter in the 9/11 Truth
Now do they?

Oh not at all.

No they say, "I'm out wearing a white hat. I
am one of the good guys."

But Why are you doing X.Y and Z then? Why
should I believe that?

Some of the people that I had talked to, that
I know, 100 percent, were lying to me. They
sounded like the sweetest, nicest people
you'd ever talk to. [Jeff cold calls foot soldier colluders to attempt to verify what happened. ed]

But you just know, they were totally lying.
Lying through their teeth.

Well It's not surprising that some of these
people are well practiced in lying. It's not
a surprise.

Very good at it.

But for a NIST official. They spent all this
money, have scientific and technical expertise.
Well, The fact is.
I can take this a bit further.
I was chief economist, as a political
appointee, in the Bush/Cheney Administration
at the Dept of Labor in 2001 / 2002.
You had political appointees, in one of these
cabinet level departments, like the Dept. of
Labor, throughout, including all the units,
And they all answer to the Secretary. And if
you aren't doing it according to the way
she...well you are out. You serve at te
pleasure, of the Secretary, as a political
appointee, and the Secretary serves at the
pleasure of the President.

That's what we had a NIST.

NIST is a unit in the Dept of Commerce. And
Don Evans, one of the close Texas buddies,
from jan 20, 2001 until 2005 in Feb. So Don
Evans supervises NIST. Now, the NISt all have
Defense backgrounds. They are all bought and
paid for. They have to come up with the
predetermined right correct political
conclusion. So that's what we have in this
NIST report. They have to find a way to prove the story that they are told.


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