Heartburn [One Call/NLT/VFC Story] ep. 31





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Published on Mar 14, 2010

{By the Stage}

[All the boys went towards the back of the stage and the girls had to stay in the crowd towards the back with all the shacks and shops lining the beach]

Ash: Well! [climbs on top of some speakers] [sits up there] best enjoy it!

Leah: Im with you on that! Pull me up!

Alyssa: Ill take my chances standing.

Gina: Yeah... if you guys fall off, or the thing tips over, then I wouldnt want to join.

Kelsie: I wonder whos going first.

Emma: [finishes her water bottle] its HOT!

Vicky: It is. [laughs]

Ashley: But thats why were at the beach. AND the shows for free.

Brittany: Shh! Its starting!

[One Call comes up on stage first] [the crowd screams]

Caroline: [covers her ears and screams]

Ashley: That doesnt make any sense!

Caroline: [glares at her]

Kelsie: [laughs] WOOO!

JJ: [up on stage] [smiles] MAKE SOME NOISE!

(Sorry if I get the parts wrong or the lyrics! Its just a story// just ignore anything wrong)

[The song starts]

AG: Hey little lady... [Starts singing]

Jose: Feel my pulse raising outta control...

All: Resuscis-cis-cis-atate me!

Vicky: This song is--

Kelsie: a turn on?

Leah: EWWW!

Emma: Only youd think of saying that!

JJ: Nah nah everybody! [sings] Sexy hottie...

AG/Chris: Dont be scared to push up on it, get a little bit retarded!

Kelsie: WHAT?! It is...

Alyssa: [raises an eyebrow and backs away]

Andi: [smiles]

Brittany: Why are you smiling?

Andi: [stops] no reason.

Brittany: I dont ev--[realizes it] ugh...UGH! Youre nasty!

Andi: [mouth opens] [hits Britt] WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!

Kelsie: SEE! Gosh!

Ash: I need new friends...

Vicky: Amen.

Ash: [Gives Vicky a wtf look]

[The song ends] [crowd awws]

Jose: Its okay! Theres two more performances!

[crowd cheers]

Jose: [walks off the stage to the back] God! [drinks his bottle] Im going in the water.

AG: But everyones still here...

Jose: Yeah but if we go now, the girls wont find us.

Chris: Girls as in our girls [covers his mouth] I mean the ones were with or...

JJ: [laughs] He means our fans! Idiot!

Chris: [smiles] Good cause I aint leaving without the others.

AG: [laughs] and why is that?

Chris: My soon-to-be girlfriend is a part of that group.

Jose: Why do I have a sudden feeling IronMoys about to break out.

JJ: And shes NOT your girl. Wait... who are we talking about?

AG: Ashley who else.

Jose: Which one Ash as in Shortie or...

AG: [hits him] the brunnete!

Chris: [hits him] ASHLEY!


[Kevin and Travis come up on the stage] [crowd screams]

Travis: Hey guys! [smiles]

Caroline: [sees him smile] [smiles]

Vicky: [sees her smile] [smiles]

Alyssa: [sees her smile] Why are we all smiling?

Caroline: [snaps out] waa?

Travis: Okay so Kevin and I will be performing together right now. It isnt an original and it isnt NLTs song. One other person is missing, but well cover his part.

[crowd cheers]

Kevin: [laughs] [grabs the mic]
Sorry this was boring! Jessie youre coming soon! Five comments and one rating.
-What are Kevin and Travis gonna sing?
-Chris and Ashley? ;)


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