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Published on Sep 19, 2011

Here's part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcoxXK...

Note: This extra is mainly about Rae. ;D

Ohh, my gosh. I finally finished this. LONGEST VIDEO I'VE MADE SO FAR.
... I have to say, I got really sick of this after a while. ._. Somehow I don't like this video a lot even though I spent so much time on it lol. :I

Yeah, I'm not a fan of incest either. That's why he ends up with someone else. ;D And omg, I just noticed that he never told her his name. UHH. WE'LL JUST SAY HE TOLD HER HIS NAME DURING A TIME THAT I DIDN'T SHOW.

By the way, if you forgot who the characters are, or you've never watched DW/SC before, that's fine, you shouldn't be too lost when you watch this. All you really need to know is that Rae is a demon, and he has the special ability to perceive other people's feelings. :D Although, it'll probably be more amusing if you've watched the series before.

Anyway... I know that most of you guys would prefer to see more Freezing or October Children, but I wanted to make this instead for two reasons.
1. There's no romance in OC.
2. There's supposed to be romance in Freezing, but it's developing really slowly.
... So yeah, this is basically for those who want to see some romance. 8D

After rendering, I noticed that some parts go by like... way too fast... so yeah, sorry about that. I'll try not to do that in future videos. :I

I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS VIDEO. I HAVE SUFFERED LONG TO MAKE THIS LOL. Although it was kinda fun recording some of the sound effects myself... 8D

I might make another extra for SC, but it'll probably be a bunch of random shorts stuffed into one video. Of course, it won't be as long as this one. 8D Never. Ever. Making something this long again.

Next up: Freezing Part 7.5 (it's about how Aidan and Hatil met)

If you don't get why she stopped speaking, it's due to a psychological trauma. The cause is shown in her nightmare, though it may be a little different than what actually happened due to Rae's interruption and the fact that it's a dream.


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