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Power of Now in Urdu & Hindi part 6 | Audio Book | Eckhart Tolle in Urdu & HIndi




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Published on Jan 11, 2019

Power of Now in Urdu & Hindi | Audio Book | Eckhart Tolle in Urdu & HIndi. Urdu & Hindi translation of Eckhart tolle's book The Power of Now.
Eckhart Tolle is widely recognized as one of the most original and inspiring spiritual teachers of our time. He travels and teaches throughout the world. Power of Now is his landmark book that make him renowned in whole the globe. ISHA and Safdar Sahar are presenting this classic sipritual book in Urdu and Hindi

Eckhart is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition, but excludes none. His profound yet simple and practical teachings have helped thousands of people find inner peace, healing and greater fulfillment in their lives. At the core of his teachings lies the transformation of individual and collective human consciousness - a global spiritual awakening.

Eckhart Tolle is the author of The Power of Now, a #1 New York Times Bestseller, which has been translated into 32 languages and become one of the most influential spiritual books of our time.

In his most recent book, A New Earth, he shows how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world.

ISHA is a channel for exploring the Inner side of Human Existence. ISHA will try its best to make your life experience more enriching. Hope you guys will enjoy , appreciate, like, comment and share this video. This will be great inspiration for us and will encourage us to do more and better work. All Urdu and Hindi speaking folks are invited to make any comment, any question any suggestions. We also seek assistance from people who can help us in anyway. Regards
۔ ہم انسان نہ جسم ہیں نہ دماغ ہیں بلکہ ہم وہ ہیں جنہوں نے وقت کےساتھ مادے کو جمع کر کے یہ جسم بنایا ہے اور امپریشنز کے ذخیرے سے دماغ کو تراشا ہے۔ وہ سیلف جس نے اس سب کو جمع کیاہے وہ ہم ہیں۔
ہم اپنی پوری کوشش کریں گے کہ ایمانداری سے ہم ان موضوعات پر اپنی معلومات آپ تک پہنچائیں اور آپ سے توقع رکھیں گے کہ آپ نہ صرف ان ویڈیوز کو دیکھیں، بلکہ کمنٹ، شئیر اور لائیک بھی ضرور کریں تاکہ ہماری حوصلہ افزائی ہو اور ہم زیادہ محنت سے اس مقصد کو آگے بڑھا سکیں۔
آپ کا تعاون ہمارا اثاثہ ہے۔
ٹیم ایشا

#robinsharma #themonkwhosoldhisferrari #motivation

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