Persian community outraged by 'Shahs'





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Published on Mar 19, 2012

HLN's Kareen Wynters looks at the controversy surrounding the new reality show "Shahs of Sunset."

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Jackie O.
I don't care if its Iranians, Italians whoever, what is wrong with these shows: Shahs of Sunset, Real Housewives, is that they glamorize really bad behavior, they try to convince us that its cool to fight, to be materialistic, to engage in very amoral behavior and its not. Networks like Bravo need to take some responsibility and be censored, they can't just keep on producing this trash and influence hordes of young people in a very negative way. For my part, I've stopped watching Bravo and E!, the more viewers they lose the more likely they are to produce higher quality shows.
The masses like sex and violence. It's an age old equation to get people watching. People watching makes the ratings go up. High ratings bring money. The big wigs lust money. Money makes the world go 'round. As long as there is $ to go around, there will always be a fool willing to behave in certain ways for tv.
dji zzah
As a foreign guest in Iran a few months ago, I can honestly say no Iranian I saw behaved this way. Extremely polite, dignified and respectful of others as well as themselves in my opinion. I'm not sure the people in this show are in anyway representative of Persians in general, either in their own country or overseas.
Mean Bean
it's what America wants them to be portrayed as it's all stupid just like everything else on TV propaganda
Dariush Ashkani
I like how that kooni reza tries to say Iranians should be thanking the cast for changing their stereotype from terrorists into a bunch of money hungry, greedy shallow fucks, like the people on the show, loooooooool. Fuck this racist show. 
Mean Bean
I thought I was the only person who thought the show was racist
Dariush Ashkani
+Nader Emami its racist cause they deliberately choose the shittiest people to represent Iranians.
bobby champion
Iranian Americans do not realize that they were given this show as a set up and they fell for it! It really is a shame how easy it was for them to embaress themselves. They have no clue that this is a black eye for all Iranians. My good friend is Jordanian, he is one of the best Cardioligists in California. He comes from a very high profile prominent family. He was dating a Iranian girl and when he decided to marry her,his family refused to give him their blessings because of the bad reputation Iranians have now. My point is that the show is terrible for the image of Iranians. 
Dorsa Mashreghi
Well this is just pure stupidity because human beings are not supposed to judged by stereotypes that different races and cultures have point shame on them
Dariush Ashkani
Well she gave us Iranians a bad image for marrying a non IRANIAN in the first place actually.
mike meeky
the shahs of sunset==== disgusting
I've been living in U.S since I was 13 & I'm in my 40's I don't even live like those "freaking stuck up Iranian women". it's all about look @ me and where is my codependent or men as father figure. Many of em are not even that independent. Due to that fact & many others I don't associate with too many Iranians. Also, I have noticed my Iranians are more racist then any other race specially when it come to hiring other ethnicity & people with disability.
She forgot to say that the reason they went on air was because half of them are Jewish. Hollywood, Jews... Jews, Hollywood. Connect the dots. If they weren't Jewish, they wouldn't have gotten a chance.
Honey Babie
ninuxy you are so ignorant
Stop hating on Shahs. It shows young, successful, religiously tolerant, open minded people who want to have a good time. If the Iranian community feels threatened by a stupid reality show, then I´m sorry, grow up and get over it. 
Mean Bean
I've heard they were kicked out of their country they stole from their people and ran with the money
what do you mean they stole from their country? what happened? when was this?
yup u are right
Nim Nimo
everywhere you go there are idiots and gents. putting 6 idiots together you get a exciting show 6 gents boring. its a show get a life losers
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