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Published on Jul 7, 2009

Over 200 spectacular moves and grooves, shakes and bakes, dunks and blocks by the one and only MJ - The Captain Marvel as the late Johnny " Red " Kerr used to call him in his rookie years.

Here are some of my favorite moments I was fortunate enough to witness throughout the 80`s and 90`s by the most electrifying player to ever lace up a pair of basketball shoes.

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not a single player in the league today can do what Jordan did. none of them are the proper combination of big hands (so important for basketball), tall (but not too tall, you lose flexibility), fast, strong and mentally unbreakable. we have fast players, strong players, players who are tall, big hands, big vert but none of them with a proper combination of those traits. there is a bitter sweet chance that we will never see someone who plays even close to the level MJ plays at ever again. Kobe and LeBron aren't capable of the circus finishes Jordan could do, Rose could but he's a husk now. Deandre Jordan has big hands but he's too tall and awkward to do anything with them. Durant is too weak and mentally fragile to match Jordan. Kobe's hands were too small and he's not nearly as high of a leaper. Jordan came out and put up 28 5 5 on nearly 50% shooting AS A ROOKIE. LeBron is the only person to even touch those kinds of stats as a rookie. best of all Jordan was an ELITE defender
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Healthy Rose can do some, not all, maybe the woop de doo in tight quarters but not the hang time changing shots palming in mid air and Mike did this almost every game. Also nowadays most would get confuse at which way to spin the ball off the backboard haha.
Sergio Catalan
EveryDayIsAGoodDay did you see the last shot ? 10:40 Lol only he can do that. amazing
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Orlando  Lewis
Left hand reverse. Right hand reverse. No one could do these moves but MJ!! This guy was born with something no one has ever seen.
Orlando Lewis
You can combine all your favorite players of today. And they still haven't done half of these moves!!
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Orlando Lewis
+chimbatete Exactly
Doing all these moves and still shot over 50% amazing! 99% players today couldn't do the move at 5:13 even in practice let alone some of the in game moves.
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i grew up with him...watched him from start to finish and still cant soak all the greatness in...i watch these videos over and over what kind of man is this?????
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he's not even a rubber man he's like some ROBOTIC human 
Alex Little
+CONCRETE MONEY "He's not human. He's a rubber man." Spanish olympic team coach 1984
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raiyzo jr
i love the fanboys going at it. Lebron is amazing, a freak athletically who can overpower and has skills. Kobe was elastic and electrifying, the closest to Jordan as it can get. Michael was a notch above these two offensively. I have never seen a player so athletic who could do so much ion the air, his ability to rise above, go under, go around defenses was unparalleled in the history of the NBA. You cannot find an NBA player who could do everything Michael could do, not even close actually. No-one here can find a compilation of moves for Lebron or kobe than can compare to the arsenal of moves and skills Jordan displayed, even if you combine highlights between Lebron and kobe. I was lucky i got to watch him play as a kid, it was like magic every time he played.. you don't get that with any other player.. I actually saw the Bulls 72 team playing the hornets and Michael didn't disappoint, he always made 1 or 2 wow moves that were magical.
Young healthy Ron Harper had some moves, matter of fact I saw a move of him against Barkley that was MJ top level. Healthy Rose can do some but I'd say 20%. Other than that most are either weak and strong but clumsy.
The ONLY player in NBA history IF he was taken in a time machine 30 years later, he would STILL lead the league in steals and scoring in 2014. Young folks just don't understand the sheer creativity of the GOAT. #MJLEGEND     Btw SHAWN KEMP WOULD DUNK RIGHT ON LEBRON'S ASS !
+TranscendingPolygons i've given up hope of ever seeing another MJ in my life time but hell ill settle for a shawn kemp he was a beast and very fun to watch and he wont dunk on lebron because he avoids the rim when a true dunker is in the game
If there is anyone on the planet that believes someone dead or alive is better than Jordan after watching this video, the blade they sling is as sharp as Karl Childers! You only see this type of air artistry in video games! He is Chupacabra to anyone's G.O.A.T.
Patrick McClelland
Unbelievable video! I grew up watching MJ. And, as a middle aged man I laugh every time I hear someone attempt to compare anyone to him! Highlights aside (and, they are absolutely ridiculous!!!), this man shot 50% from the field while averaging 30 pts for his career. Gliding through the air with the greatest of ease with the strength to score through any foul...add that he is widely regarded as the best defensive player EVER at his position and he was simply the best to ever do it!!!
Sergio Catalan
Patrick McClelland you said it all
Nolan D.
The best MJ mix ive ever seen... Can you please remake this in better quality!!
Tory Stripling
those of us who got to watch him play ,we know there's never gonna be anyone better,some will come close,some will break his records,some will win more rings,but this man transformed and transcended this sport and made it an art form as pure as snow thank you, Michael Jordan.
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