Without Rule of Law: "Resurgence of Community" by Nutnfancy





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Published on Jul 17, 2011

How will your neighbors handle "the end of the world" or as I refer to the, the WROL situations? How will you?! Are you mentally and materially ready for this awful situation? Probably not. But guess what, you will all be in it together whether you like it or not. And the isolation and comfort that technology affords you now will be gone in a flash as you struggle to meet your life needs in primitive conditions. In a worst case scenario, you could see a complete cessation of services, absence of food and water, economic collapse, and no police, fire, or medical help to be found. Societal unrest will result and both the best and worst of humanity will be shown to you in stark fashion. Going it alone might be a tough task on many different levels. Instead you will see the resurgence of community, just like human history has show for millennia. Work sharing, bartering, and mutual support will emerge and make life more livable. And communities will emerge once again. Here I take on this serious subject and its implications for your thought and provide a general blueprint for teamwork and mutual support that these resilient micro communities will bring you.//////////////////////Music: Jason Shaw

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Justin Dozer
Video is 3 years old but hits home as to what is going on in the world as of today, great video. God bless. 
3 Man Militia is the answer to all you have talked about, and the 3 Man Militia can be started now in all fields of survival tactics (first aide, chemicals, food, water, radiation, 3 Man - meet and greet, and many other usable skills). I live and drive third world countries and live what you talk about daily.
The Monkey and The Wolf
I want to point out that the lack of community definetely started before the technology. The concept of the nuclear family itself in the 50s was limiting what the extended family used to be in th 40s..where'd grandma go? And it was the tribe before that. Then you also have the rampant Individualism itself, fueled by capitalism or consumerism. The technology just enhanced this trend we've been on for a while. Community is so important...essential. Thanks for the video.
I live in an apartment near downtown Chicago. If WROL hits, I feel like I'm screwed.
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+itlfa2009 "Yeah, you'll probably die" lol thanks I was just out at the range today, and a lot of people have some sweet AR-15 setups, but can't hit targets at 50 yards. Talking and doing are two different things.
Keith Gee
+Rob Garrett - its control. The " hipster" dipshit generation are only concerned with " ease of use" - they pay as much for the " distinctive living" apts and condos as a small home now, but don't realize they do not fully own what they pay for! And in their ease of use, they donot recognize how LIMITED they are in controlling where they live- my mom was able to start a subsistence garden in her backyard
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Love these old vids. They just don't make em like they used to 😎
AA and AAA rechargeable batteries with solar chargers... If you don't have them you better get some. They're awesome.
Tyler Ford
Well I'm glad I don't live in ferguson! I know that much. Wrol was in full effect. That community didn't handle that well to say the least. I hope my community acts 100% the opposite of the places around the u.s that acted the way they did. The violence towards police, the looting, the fires. Disgusting. Don't create chaos based on lies. I hope the local police stays safe and the average citizens. The damage caused by the rioters only hurts that community. The store owners and the people who keep them in business. Sad. Very sad. Crazy how the police pretty much stood there while shots rang out, fires, looting. Goes to show in a wrol/shtf situation you can only protect yourself. 
Chad Bell
All those innocent bystanders who had nothing to do with the Michael Brown incident getting killed. That in now way is peaceful protesting. The National Guard should have been called in the minute that happened! Also, to think that it's still happening. In fact similar tragedies are happening in other parts of the U.S.
Sir Slam
WROL sucks.  <---- That pretty much sums it up. Be ready to work hard should this ever go down.
Stirner Stuff91
@nutnfancy one small point, barter economies were not nearly as prominent as many commonly believe, small pre-coinage societies generally operated on a debt or obligation based economy. For example, rather than trading 100 eggs for ten pounds of beef, you would give you neighbor 100 eggs when he asked, and then next week when you ask him for 10 pounds of beef, he remembers that he owes you for the eggs, and gives you the beef. For more information on this history of debt-based economic systems, see David Graeber's "Debt: The First 5000 Years".
He needs to do a new WROL vid for sure. 
Yep.  Closer now than ever.
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