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Published on Mar 15, 2012

!! TRIPLE RED LIGHTS FLASHING NEWS ALERT !! WikiIntelNews | May 24, 2015 | The reality of Israel's control over the U.S. and Israel's Involvement in 9/11, proves Israel's authority control over the U.S. Pentagon, which proves that America has been hijacked by Israel; i.e. The House of Rothschild.

Rothschild Agents are Israeli Zionist Agents working as U.S. Operatives and Handlers of Treasonist American Counterparts within the U.S. Government scheming in the Interest of Israel and the House of Rothschild to control every facet of "Mainstream America." This is the cancerous evil that needs to be eradicated from American soil! That means shutting down CFR, AIPAC, IRS, ADL, DHS, FED and EVERY ... Associated organization affiliated with this Terrorist Syndicate of Organized Crime!

The obvious solution is a U.S. Military backed Federal Marshal Task Force "clean house" sting operation to arrest all active Rothschild Agents throughout the U.S. Government and in every State of the Union. This is a simple nonviolent operation of compiling a "BLACKLIST" and then removing these Rothschild Agents from the American System within 48 Hours.

To validate this TRUTH -watch the following (3) Video Presentations which should be "HEADLINE NEWS" on every News Channel Network in America! The information contained in these
(3) videos reveal the list of NAMES of individuals involved in planning, executing and cover-up of 9/11. This is the most important and the only information that is worth talking about and sharing!

Watch in the Order presented here:


2) NEW 2015! Solving 9/11 Christopher Bollyn Live in Dallas TX Feb 12, 2015

3) Chris Bollyn: Israel behind the 9-11 attacks-- and Iraq wars.

SHARE, Copy & Paste, write about, Blog, Vlog, Form MeetUp Groups, Share in Churches across this Nation, send to Alternative News Radio Show Networks ... Make this the most talked about subject matter everywhere! This information needs to go VIRAL -WORLDWIDE !!!

In America, there needs to be a suspension of all U.S. elections for 2016, placed in moratorium, until indictments and arrests of all Israeli and American perpetrators in the 9/11 Scandal are justly placed behind Bars for their egregious genocidal crimes against humanity.

SHARE AND REPOST ON YOUR CHANNEL! WikiIntelNews "over to YOU ... Over ... DO YOU COPY ... Over !!!"

This is too crazy ... Obama receives high praise from Britain's Prime Minister Cameron for his many impeachable offenses and in return, Obama pledges himself to remain, now and always, the Queen's faithful servant.

Yes, Britain still owns America. Hard to believe, but true!

When Obama met Netanyahu one-on-one at the White House March 5, rather than warning him not to attack Iran as the fools believe, Obama actually told him, "Go ahead and attack! I'll oppose it in public, but facilitate and support it in private." The crucial evidence is laid out in the Mar 15 lead editorial of Ha'aretz editor Aluf Benn, one of Israel's leading journalists.

"Netanyahu is hinting," he writes, "that in his Washington visit, he received Obama's tacit approval for an Israeli attack against Iran — under the guise of opposition. Obama will speak out against it but act for it, just as the past U.S. administrations speak against the settlements in the territories but allow their expansion."

"In 1967, the official US position called on Israel to hold back and refrain from going to war, but a different message was passing through the secret channels: go 'bomb Nasser,' reported [Israeli Prime Minister] Levi Eshkol's envoys to Washington, Meir Amit and Avraham Harman. This message tipped the scales in favor of going to war."

"In these past incidents, Israel acted against the US position formally, but made sure that the Americans will accept the results of the action and support it in retrospect. And indeed, the US recognized Israel in 1948, allowed it to control the territories annexed in 1967, and made do with weak condemnations of the attack on the Iraq nuclear reactor in 1981."

"And in this manner Netanyahu summarized the visit: 'I presented before my hosts the examples that I just noted before you, and I believe that the first objective that I presented — to fortify the recognition of Israel's right to defend itself — I think that objective has been achieved."

Benn entitles his editorial, "Netanyahu is Preparing Israeli Public Opinion for a War on Iran," and writes, "Netanyahu is attempting to convince the Israeli public that the Iranian threat is a tangible and existential one, and that there is only one effective way to stop it and prevent a 'second Holocaust;' an Israeli military attack on Iran's nuclear infrastructure, which is buried deep underground."


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