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Published on Jun 25, 2012

Edited by Kevin Porter (follow me on Twitter @KevinTPorter)

This video is a tribute to the work of Aaron Sorkin: the recycled dialogue, recurring phrases, and familiar plot lines. This is not intended as a critique but rather a playful excursion through Sorkin's wonderful world of words.

Scenes taken from:

A Few Good Men
Sports Night
The West Wing
Studio 60
Charlie Wilson's War
The Social Network
& Tom Hanks 1993 Oscar Speech for some reason

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Richard Strong
You know what I got from this? That I miss the soft lighting of 90s television. It always looks like a hazy dream.
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Troy H
Is it low-quality 35 mm or what causes that? I've seen very sharp 35 mm pictures/videos before so what causes this?
All the hot girls wear glasses yeah!
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Kyle Burbank
Saw "Steve Jobs" today and a character says "Don't talk to me like I'm other people." I wasn't the only one in the theatre who laughed.
YES! That was pretty early on in the movie, and I saw it coming as soon as he started talking. I said it along with him and my husband looked at me like i was crazy.
Michel Schröder
+Kyle Burbank Same here. "You can complain about memory or you can complain about price, but you can't do both at the same time" or the line about creating the universe and how he did it already appeared on TWW S04E01/02 :P
Rhidian Williams
Must be said. The dude knows how to recycle.
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That said, the dude knows how to recycle.
Marko Prološčić
Yeah but this is probably the same with every director. Every one has his own style and favourite lines
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Fr. Victor Feltes
Two staffers discuss this video while walking briskly down a hallway: "Hey." —"Hey." "I was expecting to hear more 'hey's' and 'yeah's' in that thing." —"Yeah."
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Steven Hunt
You bet
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Okay, to be fair, some of these are just "English Idioms: A Supercut".
Ya think?
Wait...he wrote Tom Hanks' Oscar speech?
There's nothing more pathetic than a washed-up writer rehashing his own material.
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David Fincher and Danny Boyle do not write screenplays. Great directors, sure, but what are you pulling from?
JP de la Torre
+Gunman610 I didn't claim you were denying that in particular (you would need to be delusional to deny that). But you are denying Sorkin lack imagination and originality, despite the fact that he has admitted to it. So, it is not a strawman, sorry. However, isn't it funny how you accuse me of building a strawman and then proceed to build one yourself? 1. I never said he wasn't successful. 2. I explicitly said I'm aligned with him politically. 3. I'm not interested in writing better than him. I'm a developer, not a screenwriter. 4. I'm accusing Sorkin of 4 things in particular: His work is repetitive, unimaginative, predictable and unoriginal. Whatever else you try to claim I said, you'll need to prove I did. Furthermore, many of the best writers didn't win Academy Awards at all: Fellini, Bergman, Darabont, Kubrick (received one for Best Visual Effects), and the list goes on. You know nothing about screenwriting if you believe A Few Good Men is among the best scripts. If it were, why it had no nominations for the script?
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Television should be a showing medium, not a telling medium. Instead of showing you, Sorkin bombards you with bs dialogue to tell you this, tell you that when in reality whatever it is could've very well been conveyed in a look, a glance, a touch or an action. Sorkin will never understand this and that's the reason why the Sopranos dominated the West Wing in awards as the years went on. 
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Kerrie Redgate
SecretAgentMan00 Sorkin only wrote the first 4 seasons.
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Joe Zaydon
Really wished you had included the actual chicken from The Social Network during the 'chicken impression' segment of this.
Josh Lavian
He's still a genius!
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Not for nothing
Josh Lavian
+James Hanscombe Obviously, I do.
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