Horde till I Die (Gigi Summergale Shadowstepx & TauriMovies)





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Published on Mar 11, 2011

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For all my Hordies out there that never get sick of screaming FOR THE HORDE! Lok'tar Ogar!!!! Victory or Death! ya yayahhh!

For all my alliance friends.. I still love you.. I just like to show a little pride is all

For all my gnome friends... Im terribly sorry that Tauri & Frosty have such dark fantasies of torturing you little guys... its mother nature at work.. Taurens & Felines like to play with gnomes before they kill them.. dont blame me- blame nature.

Song preformed by Gigi, Shadowstepx and Summergale (parody of moment4life)
Machinima done by TauriMovies

Gigi: http://www.youtube.com/user/jljarrar

Shadowstepx: http://www.youtube.com/user/shadowste...

Summergale: http://www.youtube.com/user/madcowsummer

TauriMovies: http://www.youtube.com/user/TauriMovies


I ride with the Horde till I die
Deterrence/ feign death to survive
KBs givin out such a rise
So watch for me if youre alive
Don't worry about me, Im just a killah
DPS ya down
Like I am Godzilla
And yes I call the shots, its such a thrill
A soldier of the Horde, I'm the armed guerilla
In this very moment you fled
In this very moment I'mma kill shot you right in the head
This very moment your red
You're mad at me doesnt matter, I'm alive & your dead
And I will retire with the win, Yes
Your team has acquired its fin yes
We beat you with ease and finesse see?
But I couldn't do it all alone, We
Shadow's in your base he's
Taking down your flag, G
While all your defense is gone and Im out ganking
Cuz Im BM, Blizzard never ever fazed me
Shout out to my haters, sorry that you couldnt change me
Aint being cocky, BM's so OP
Best believe that big red beast ate up half the other team
I don't know, this fight just remind me of
Evaporating these alliance scrubs
P-p-p-p-put your flags up
Its a battle station every time we link up
We done did everything they could think of
Gr-Greatness is what we on the brink of

You know that I'm gone rep the horde till i die
2x(I die)
I wear this tabard that rep-re-sent my side
2x(my side)

Tell em drop to ya knees
Droo unit the illiest click
Warcraft livin G's
I'm Belf Lok'tarian
and so is Hunter G
Doing Target Practice on alliance
Hoyt said we don't flee
shout out to the haters who be blowing me like trees
shout out to my Fans who be cooler then uh breeze Thanks
Trouble with the all-ees is all that i get into
Takin over the bgs is practically simple
Uh young Prince (pause)
With honor and gold
And we got them raiders too
who's geared up to roll
When we Que arrive at TB alliance never show
when you look at alliance roster it always say Has Left
be very afraid
I swear my whole team fly like we sponsored by plane
Fuck it me, Gigi- The new 2man raid
she be throwing up them traps like wedding bouquets
(Frostbite rawr)
Yea that's the sound of her beast
she be feeding him gnomes like scooby treats
so which alliance sacrificing like the mayans
I can't believe that we collab'd I'm still surprised
I swear damn
This is uh hit
It's like this track got no resilience we made it uh Crit
When they ask me how I do it I tell em I do it Big
Cuz I'm reppin horde pride, summer tell em what it is

You know that I'm gone rep the horde till i die
2x(I die)
I wear this tabard that rep-re-sent my side
2x(my side)

This is my faction
Im wearing red and black for the rest of time
Gankin' alliance, morning to night time
I'm feeling so alive

You know that I'm gone rep the horde till i die
2x(I die)
I wear this tabard that rep-re-sent my side
2x(my side)


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