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Uploaded on Sep 8, 2009

Michael carried so much hope and light for the world. Through his beautiful voice, amazing dance, and tireless devotion to others, God worked miracles through Michael Jackson.

However, his neglected childhood would become the catalyst to multi faceted complexities that would combust in a lifetime of struggle. Many never realized and do not take the time to understand that Michael was truly a child at heart. Michael never experienced a childhood. He never enjoyed the years that would teach him the many things he would later need in life. And by his own admission, he over compensated for it. While he was gifted, educated, intelligent, and well read, these lost formative years deprived him of insight into mature boundaries and the difference between intelligence and common sense.

When Michael was entering his 20s, his Pop star was on the rise. While on one side, Michael Jackson stood as a "once in forever" genius entertainer and businessman, Michael stood on the other as a boy destitute of significant childhood experiences that would balance his life. Perhaps this was God's plan. Someone once said to me, "The will of God will never lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you."

To the "collective"; to the "media" I ask, where was our love; our compassion?

Michael once pleaded in the autobiographical lyrics of "Childhood", "Before you judge me, try hard to love me." Jesus said, "Do not judge, lest ye be judged." The dichotomy of Michael Jackson was clearly a complex mix of brilliant superstardom that rose so high, you had to look down to see heaven and a journey so low, you were blinded by the depths of his despair. It is through his perfection and his flaws, his "perfect imperfection" that we have glimpsed ourselves; that we have witnessed the human condition.

The media brutalized a lovely human being. Often misunderstood, Michael would spend a lifetime facing unyielding pressures and scrutiny while he tried to live a balance between the professional and the personal, always attempting to overcome the boundaries between the surreal and the real. Until his death, he searched for truth, and through his inner child, I am convinced that God called him home.

He had the heart of a child, the patience of Job, and the drive of a warrior. Michael Jackson is worthy of our respect. He was on the front lines every day fighting for the sake of others who could not help themselves. He used his blessings to create a magical place for kids and the kid at heart to visit...to escape the torments of life, even if just for a short while. He used his musical influence to heal the planet and help special needs, at risk, and sick children across the globe. Throughout his life, he contributed $300 Million (some sources say $500 Million) to worldwide charities, forever relentless in his fight to help others.

I am sick and tired of hearing and reading that Michael Jackson should not be celebrated as a hero. Michael Jackson is EXACTLY the kind of hero we should be celebrating. We should celebrate the man who gave us everything he had to give, despite horrific abuse, a neglected childhood, lupus, skin disorders, chronic pain from relentless physical exertion, and unimaginable stress he would have to endure at the hands of those who would seek to destroy him.

Though he was an idiosyncratic, flawed man, this gentle soul could never cause harm. In the end, he would not be able to escape the effects of life's personal torment. He deserves our respect; our love; our compassion. He made the world a better place.

God blessed Michael with inimitable gifts. His light shone because of Jesus. Those of us who know the truth, we hurt because we sense the loss of that light. But truly, Michael's spirit has finally discovered peace. The miracle is that Jesus continues to do His work through Michael even now, after his death. Many are now understanding what this man did for the world through God's gifts.

Evangelists Andrae and Sandra Crouch (brother and sister), worked with Michael on many projects. They were friends to the end. There has been a lot written about Michael's faith. Michael believed in God. Michael believed in Jesus. He met with Andrae and Sandra three weeks prior to his death, and while they both have clarified they did not pray what is called the "sinners prayer", they prayed together over the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

God knew Michael's heart. I like to think in his final moments, the Holy Spirit came upon him, and not only did Michael accept, he ran into the open arms of his Lord. At last, he has found rest.

Michael is asleep now. We will see him again.

The light will continue to shine, and Michael will continue to smile.


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