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Published on Jun 22, 2012

Happy Wheels "Funny Moments" Compilation:
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pretty much everyone who did their daily spins couple months back got both outfits. cause now they are removed. and this video is 5 months old so you fail kid
they announce people getting 99s and maxed accs...theyre all getting hacked? im shure people who have 99herby and pray and shit have way more then 200m.
Is the uncommon 500k now 2500k?
Blame the investors pepsie.
Liam Scerri
Runescape has turned into pay to win.
i just luckilly hitted on rare for waiting 2 secs before stopping the wheel. 
ive had the same amount of spins if not more and ive had 0 rares 0 super rares and a good estimate would be like 1200 common and 300 uncommon... don't think your luck is bad. 
Much like real life Casino gambling, the house always has the advantage. This is even more true for electronic gambling, which really do predetermine if the player is allowed to win or not before you even make a bet. However, Casinos can still make more money by paying out every once and awhile. The story of those few guys that win big every once and awhile keep people coming. So I wonder if the 200m really is 100% impossible? Or just only happening to 1 or 2 players here and there?
dident say its not possible rigged arcade game are programmed to throw out a winner now and then or no one would play them same thing applys here i gurentee 200m will never be givin away in *free* spins tho
ive done that spin a few times...ive timed it so it landed on the 200m itl land on the 200m but much like the rigged arcade prize games it quickly hops off the 200m to the very next prize

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