RAF-Woodbridge (UK) / Rendelsham Forest UFO incident

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Ajoutée le 6 juil. 2007

The "British Roswell" occurred in a forest bordering a US-UK military base that had nuclear weapons stored on-site.Two separate sightings involving entirely different craft were made on
subsequent nights.

There is more to the story than was featured in this video.
UFOs historically seem to appear (1) when they are "displeased"
with something we are doing or (2) to "selected" individuals for their own agenda. A novel twist -- as witnessed in the above-mentioned
document -- is that "they" may have some control over Time itself.

When the guards were walking around the craft in the forest, they
noticed their shadows (cast upon the craft by powerful military searchlights) seemed to be "a step ahead" of them for every motion
they made. Later they surmised it might not have been their shadows after all, but somehow created by the ETs a second-or-two of their next movement. And it was always correct!


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