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Published on Jun 14, 2011

As screened live on Channel 4 on Tuesday, 14 June 2011 at 23:05pm.

Winner of Amnesty International's media award 2011

Time Out (5*): "Tonight's gruelling film, anchored by Jon Snow, displays C4 journalism at its bold, devastating best"

A special investigation by Channel 4 featuring devastating new evidence of alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka is screened at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, as pressure mounts for action.

The documentary is an hour-long investigation into the final weeks of the bloody Sri Lankan civil war and features damning new evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Titled Sri Lanka's Killing Fields, Jon Snow presents the investigation which was shown to the United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday.

Disturbing footage in the film includes the apparent extra-judicial massacre of prisoners by government forces, the aftermath of targeted shelling of civilian hospitals and the bodies of female Tamil fighters who appear to have been sexually assaulted. Also examined in the film are atrocities carried out by the Tamil Tigers.

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields will be broadcast on Channel 4 on 14 June.

http://www.channel4.com/4od (The film will be available online after June 14th on 4od)

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People defending Govt SL need to remember that:

* The Tigers were formed only after 20+ years of post independence discrimination against Tamils by the SL govt.

* Tigers committed many crimes but they are gone now, whereas Rajapakse and his govt have got away with the murder of 40 000 + people, using the logic that there is no difference between a Tiger and a Tamil civilian and labelling their crimes as a "war on terror". How can directly bombing innocent civilians and hospitals be a war on terror?

* Rajapakse regime is brutal and will simply eliminate anyone Tamil or Sinhalese who goes against the goverment. Look at what happened to Lasantha Wickramatunga who is Sinhalese. How can such a govt be trusted with human rights?

* Both the UN report and this documentary have no reason to be biased and use scientific evidence to back up their claims. Furthermore they criticise both Tigers and the SL govt.

* Sri Lankan govt contiunously prevented any independent witnesses during the war period, obviously because they had to hide their crimes, and any claims made by them has never been backed up with evidence, whereas there is strong evidence of war crimes.

* They have played such a propoganda game, controlling all media that they have brainwashed the population in the non Tamil areas that they are saviours. In fact these people in the non Tamil areas have not even been into north or east or the war zone, so their views on the situation comes directly from what is fed by the govt.


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