Broken Girl by Matthew West





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Published on Oct 7, 2010

I listened to this song last night and it really hit me. this is for anybody who has been abused in any way. I hope this video reaches out to all kinds of girls. even if they haven't been abused, if you ever felt like you were worthless or ever been told you'd never amount up to anything, i pray God opens your eyes and you see how truly special you are and how important you are. you ARE worthy. you ARE special. you ARE forgiven. and nothing will ever change that. God loves you so much and He'll always be there for you no matter what. He is the most loving Father and He will fill any empty hole you have in your heart. He loves you and He wants to heal you from the inside out. let Him in and see the beauty He can bring out of ashes.

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Melissa Vagle
This really is a great song for a lot of reasons. Thank you Matthew West. I cried when I heard it. God continues to heal me for the shame I feel from being abused when I was little. It was not my fault but as an adult I still feel shame. It affected every area of my life. Thank you for this song what a blessing!!
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Alexandria K
Hey folks! Just wanted to stop by and say something. Some of you feel like he's saying to "Just get over it and let God heal' that's not it at all and if it were, I wouldn't have made this video if I hadn't been through this. This is his response to the many stories he got of rape/abuse and though he personally doesn't understand, he knows who our God is and can heal the broken. personally it helped me because it helped me realize that my past can be redeemed and my heart can heal, that my identity isn't in what happened to me and it's not in the harmful words that have been spoken over me. Don't get me wrong, I'm saying one day I decided to lay it all down and boom! I was free. No. It was a process. It IS a process, everyday and you know, some days it's like lights going off, revelation coming in and I feel so free and on top of the world but then there's others that I feel like it's day 1 again. Sometimes I'm totally in love with Jesus but then other days I scream at him. It's alright, he can take it, he Wants to take it. Through it all, I know I'm not alone, I know I'm loved even when I don't feel it, and I know that I can move forward. And to everyone who has been healed and set free, I rejoice with you. And to everyone who is struggling, hurting, in desperate need of hope, and feels like you'll never heal, there is hope, there is help, there is freedom and I encourage you, if you need help, seek it. Find someone, a counselor, pastor, friend, someone to help you through this process. We're not meant to go through it alone and darkness can't flee unless it's exposed.  I'm not here to argue or cause any problems. Some of you may agree, some of you may disagree, that's ok. All I'm for is encouragement and I love and am praying for you all. God bless and peace be with you <3
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Cave Cat
I feel like this song was sang for me... this is my fifth time listening it in one row my brother passed away last December and he would always take me to church, I had to older brothers who would and still do pick on me, call me names, and tell me that everything that makes me who I am is stupid and a bad thing. And when I would get in fist fights my parents would be on their side. They have pushed me so close to the edge of the cliff that I feel like im about to fall over. Now I stay in my room and listen to religous songs like this one or Skillet which was a band my brother showed me. 
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Gods Rehab
i started Gods Rehab because im a survivor and i want others to know there is life after abuse..
Joy Abat
Rachel Spina
What I love about this is, is even though I'm a non-Christian, the song still applies to me and that's wonderful. Very empowering whether you take it as it is OR from a religious aspect.
Vlogging Gamer
I have went to 1 of tobymac's concert and Matthew West's concert and Britt Nicole's concert and Disciple's concert and Light45's concert and Tenth Avenue North's concert and War of Ages' concert and Dolly Parton's concert I am friends with Dolly and tobymac and Matthew west and Britt Nicole and Disciple and Tenth Avenue North and War Of Ages and Light45
Vlogging Gamer
I love this song
Tina Valentin
Thank you God for delivering this message through Matthew West & Alexandria K. <3 
Esther Clark
Really like the song
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