kesha tik tok (cover)





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Uploaded on Feb 21, 2010

sorry if i got some parts wrong and i had to sign so quietly coz my mom was in bed sorry

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Op Op po po
кто от Ильдара,
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While yes, it is very rude and inappropriate to call this girl fat and ugly, it's not okay to try to encourage her by telling her the singing is okay, because the singing is NOT okay. It's not good at all. Just saying.
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Blaze the Cat
+Britt Fain I agree. While, I don't think people should call her fat and ugly, I absolutely hate how people try to encourage her by telling her that her singing is good. In my opinion, her singing is absolutely terrible. Just saying. Plus, her supporters seem to make up lies like she committed suicide. Really? Just because she left YouTube, doesn't mean she died. Don't believe me? Look at this: https://m.facebook.com/katie.s.thornton?ref=br_rs. But that's just my opinion. Also, sorry if there are any typos.
+Daniella_and _Lindsay sooooooooo, lie. make her feel good about something that isn't good
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Кто от Ильдара?
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Илья Гузей
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Max Power
bitch is singing for literally like 15 seconds and is already out of breath....
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Lemony Fresh
I think I killed one of these in Skyrim.
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Turrid Burge
Harpoons, harpoons, they're better than spoons
Man the harpoons!
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Cinnamon Sugar
I killed something like this in Skyrim.
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Frog Guy
Francis Bonnefoy Francis w h y
Plush Mangel :3
Francis Bonnefoy wth
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Matthew O'Connor
There's a special place in hell for people that just insult this poor girl.
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gamerguy u know
Matthew O'Connor should be plenty of room after she crawled out
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Кто от ИЛЬДАРА +
Skiller play
+Homo Sapiens согласен но прям в точ точ поет
Homo Sapiens
+Fang Да все мы так со стороны смотримся когда поем. XD
Karat Gaming
50 shades of now I'm gay
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+AksaGaming it's been a month but 12 years later i still think it would be pertinent to tell you to go home and shut your stupid mouth you stupid stupid stupid. taking funny comments and turning them into whatever you call that thing you do where you poop on your keyboard and thinking its funny or called for. next time rub the poop around in your twat until you get an infection. then, don't treat it, and die. if you think these people are sexist, u haven't spent enough time on the internet. yesterday i saw a thread, one girl with a cute selfie for her default picture wrote something fairly pertinent to the video i was watching. there is a thread of 80 replies, 98% of which are men saying what they would do with their dicks and either her face or her anus. it was uncalled for and fucked up and feminists should have been all up on it tearing those troll assholes a new one. and here you are having six periods in a week because some guy who YOU INSULTED FIRST (based on something he said that was actually fucking funny) told you to go make him a sandwich. you're right, you're not a feminist. feminists go out and make a difference, they don't sit around being bitches on the internet like me and all the other people here. so fuck off or get off your high horse.
Coobadge The Noobadge
yes very happy
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Kylie's Mom
This is what happens when you put fangirls of kesha and McDonalds together.
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