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Published on May 19, 2009

Hello all! We are The Custom Pokemon of the Poke Center, the Pokemon section of SmashBoards. Enjoy the video, and come check us out at http://www.smashboards.com/showthread... .

Feel free to comment on the sprites, but please do so in a respectful manner.

All of the members are:

- FirustheHedgehog (Me)
- Spire III
- Bowser King
- Mewter
- Meta-Kirby
- Zrky

Here's an in-depth list of all of our Pokemon and what exactly they're made of, as well as the songs for our respective sections.


- Ardusaur (Fire-breathing Venusaur)
- Beechamkazam (Beedrill/Machamp/Alakazam)
- Beedruicune (Beedrill/Suicune)
- Cruentoise (Dark-type Blastoise)
- Electamagmus (Electabuzz/Magmar)
- Entangel (Entei/Tangela)
- Forretran (Forretress/Heatran)
- Frosterra (Ice-type Torterra)
- Grimertoed (Grimer/Politoed)
- Gyarchomtar (Gyarados/Garchomp/Tyranitar)
- Megenuscepterra (Venusaur/Meganium/Sceptile/Torterra)
- Mewkarp (Mewtwo/Magikarp)
- Mewtumbra (Mewtwo/Umbreon)
- Pikachu Wright (Pheonix Wright/Pikachu)
- Gyarados Revamp (Gyarados's Red/Blue sprite revamped)
- Moltres Revamp (Moltres's Red/Blue sprite revamped)
- Scyler (Scyther/Kingler)
- Shyarados (Sharpedo/Gyarados)
- Steelotic (Steelix/Milotic)
- Sunsketty (Wailord/Skitty)

Bower King:

- Christmas Tyranitar (Christmas-y Tyranitar)
- Deoracheon (Deoxys[Normal]/Glaceon)
- Deosol - Defense Form (Deoxys[Defense]/Absol)
- Dragchomp (Dragonite/Garchomp)
- Drapvire (Drapion/Electivire)
- Electiphlosion 2.0 (Electivire/Typhlosion)
- Tyranitar Revamp (Tyranitar's Gold sprite revamped)
- Magnetrio (Magneton/Dugtrio)
- Magnoivire (Magmortar/Electivire/Dusknoir)
- Marozard (Marowak/Charizard)
- Mudper (Mudkip/Wooper)
- Munchkid (Munchlax/Elekid)
- Raituff (Raichu/Wigglytuff)
- Rapichoke (Rapidash/Machoke)
- Scepfish (Sceptile/Crawdaunt)
- Stanbird (Stantler/Delibird)
- Vampgar (Absol/Gengar)
- Vilechu (Vileplume/Pikachu)
- Wubaphlosion (Wobbuffet/Typhlosion)
- Wubbanite (Wobbuffet/Dragonite)


- Aiduskinx (Aipom/Duskull/Shinx)
- Azoink (Azurill/Spoink)
- Captain Falcon Trainer
- Christmas Torterra (Christmas-y Torterra)
- Darziken (Darkrai/Blaziken)
- Delibird Dedede (Delibird/King Dedede)
- Electivine (Electivire/Carnivine)
- Flarrelia (Flareon/Cresselia)
- Frosnette (Froslass/Banette)
- Gardellia (Gardevoir/Cresselia)
- Groudosaur (Groudon/Venusaur)
- Gulpgross (Gulpin/Metagross)
- Hauntclops (Haunter/Dusclops)
- Kipneton (Mudkip/Magneton)
- Leafebi (Leafeon/Celebi)
- Magbull (Magmortar/Granbull)
- Metapassor (Metagross/Probopass/Scizor)
- Mushterra (Torterra/Vileplume)
- Poliwrath Repose (Poliwrath in a different position)
- Spurmy (Spinda/Burmy)
- Wobbukarp (Wobbuffet/Magikarp)


- Bansheeon (Ghost-type Eevee evolution)
- Flyglade (Flygon/Gallade)
- Giranitar (Giratina[Origin]/Tyranitar)
- Glalass (Glalie/Frosslass)
- Lightrai (Light Darkrai)
- Lucachu (Lucario/Pikachu)
- Luxmaldo (Luxray/Armaldo)
- Mecha Scyther
- Mewtrizor (Mewtwo/Scizor)
- Mewtwochu (Mewtwo/Pikachu)
- Dark Infernape (Dark-type Infernape)
- Rainbow Giratina (Rainbow recolor of Giratina[Origin])
- Raislash (Raichu/Sandslash)
- Sedrocate (Seadra/Raticate)
- Serohantias (Giratina[Origin]/Mewtwo)
- Specterai (Gengar Evolution)
- Super Rotom (All Rotom Formes)
- Umbreon Repose
- Mewto Revamp (Mewtwo's Yellow sprite revamped)
- Zanette (Zangoose/Banette)


Intro/Outro music: Lake of Rage remix by Smouvmaster (http://www.youtube.com/user/Smouvmaster)

FirustheHedgehog's Music: Downed Frigate by Metroid Metal (http://www.metroidmetal.com)

Bowser King's Music: The Alternate Route by ParagonX9 (http://paragonx9.newgrounds.com/)

Meta-Kirby's Music: Isotope by NightHawk22 (http://nighthawk22.newgrounds.com/)

Mewter's Music: Final Rival Battle by Game Freak

Zrky's Music: Legendary Pokemon by PokeRemixStudio (http://www.youtube.com/user/PokeRemix...)

Spire III's Music: Elephant Ghost by Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains

Ending music:
Suspense from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, by Capcom
Pursuit ~ Cornered from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, by Capcom

Original sprites from The Spriter's Resource (http://www.spriters-resource.com) and Bulbapedia (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wik...).

DISCLAIMER: We claim NO ownership whatsoever to any of the songs used in this video, nor the original sprites made by Nintendo, nor Pokemon itself.


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