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Published on Sep 24, 2010

Tat's Revolution 👍 To Abolish The Corporate Government 🏴“Because every dark cloud has a silver IODIDE lining📡” Because There Is A War On For Your Mind,📢Your Mind is Your Weapon💵 Get Your Popcorn 🌽


The End of CNN? Another CNN Producer Has Been Caught on Tape

Ongoing Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm 29 Yellowstone Earthquakes from 2.4 to 4.5 Magnitude For The Last 30 Days https://tatoott1009.com/2017/06/24/on...

6/12/2017 — Large M6.3 earthquake , Yellowstone Swarming

5G networks will use the same frequencies as pain-inflicting crowd control weapons

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From My Cold Dead Hands
Tat's 2 min news Revolution 👍

Comments • 22

How fast did that building drop?  6.5 seconds?  Does that not qualify as a free-fall?
Two things... one, steel brake rotors on a race car, including mine, can blow bright orange and still creates 1000's of ft/lbs in torque from the brake pads grabbing them. Two, diesel does not burn very hot at all. In fact, if you know anything about engine tuning diesel temperatures actually go down when the mixture is lean as opposed to rich. Either way, diesel fuel is not going to do anything to a steel building. 
wage earner
I'll use this fun fact some day. Thanks for the information. Word to the wise, I guarantee some terrorist will start calling you a shill or some other name in some vain attempt to get you to run away. They argue without points or merit. This is how you identify them.
wage earner
Windy ya! I've mentioned this before.....
wage earner
There is some fact finding there. Thanks for letting us know.
wage earner
The only reason someone doesn't do an legally binding scientific fully sanctioned test of a proper jet fuel burn on a structual beam under stress is cost. Probably cost thousands. Only a Billionaire with money to "burn" would put money into this yet none have. Why not some Arab Sheik? You would think he would want to prove this? Bet they did try and then the evidence showed fire did bring down the building. If they didn't then terroists are to stupid to think of this.
wage earner
You are right. These guys had some kind of 3 wheeler running in the background. I doubt they carried actual Jet A type fuel out in the backwood trails on a 3 wheeler. Doubt they could even find someone to sell them actual jet fuel. Can you point me to a web site that has the actual temperature of OPEN AIR jet fuel burning higher than 600 degrees F? Wikipedia says 600 and so does many others. I'd like to see some proof.
You would need a foundry to increase the temperature and maintain it for long enough to melt the steel. It would do it under those conditions but you arent going to be able to find anything that will do it open air. Thermite (the hottest burning incendiary known to man, thermate is considered an explosive so it doesnt fit the definition) doesnt even burn that hot open air for long enough. With thermite you have to use a pot to direct the heat or it will just dent the metal, I have tried.
Ronnie Andrews
It did not melt it but it can weaken it dumb fuck and with all that weight on top of it it would buckle and twist therefor bringing the tower to crash floor by floor... think about it oh weight some one that starts off with the words stupid faggot must be a dumb fuck:)
Johnathan Calypso
I believe your claims are based off of an actual experiment done; to show that a tower when hit by a plane will prove to leave a tower to fall at free fall in it's own print? A true scientist looks for truth and only truth.
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