Fallout New Vegas: How to get NCR Veteran Ranger armor without NCR infamy





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Published on Nov 4, 2010

Okay, there are many ways to get this armor but this method is the one I feel is the easiest and best (and the earliest way to get the armor, at least to my knowledge). That being said, please don't say "you know....there's other ways to get this armor," because I know that. Thank you.

This video is for those people playing Fallout: New Vegas who are on the NCR's side but want the Veteran Ranger armor in a swift and easy way WITHOUT NCR infamy.


1:) Make sure you are about 3/4ths or more done with the main storyline. The easiest way to know (if you are aiming to stick with NCR) when you are at this point is when the NCR's colonel Moore tells you to go kill Mr.House. It's the point in which you must pick a side: Stick with Mr. House, Kill Mr. House and join NCR, Kill Mr. House and join Legion, or Kill Mr. House and become independent with Yes Man. By then, you should go visit various Ranger stations to see if the veterans are walking around.

2:) Make sure you have a silenced variment rifle (any) with a scope.

The one I am using in the video is called Ratslayer, which is the special version of the veriment rifle. To get the Ratslayer, you have to go and explore the Broc Flower Cave. To find this cave, you look at Nipton on your pipboy map and look to the east of it. You should eventually see something that looks like a wierd circle made by roads. The Broc Flower Cave is somewhere around there.
You don't HAVE to use the Ratslayer. If you have a simple variment rifle, that will work. Just make sure to have a SILENCER, and if you have bad aim like me (yay!), have a scope.

3:) Go to ANY ranger station with NCR veteran rangers at them. SAVE THE GAME!! Now pull out your silenced variment rifle/Ratslayer and go to a mountain/cliff/hill that is decently at a distance from the ranger station. When you feel you are far enough from the ranger station BUT STILL have a clear shot at the veteran ranger you want to hit, crouch down and make sure the game says you are "Hidden."

4:) Now zoom in on the veteran ranger and hit them with your rifle. They will react but they will not shoot you. By the time they react, zoom out and the game should say "Caution" at the top of the screen. If it says this, you are good to go. Keep hitting the ranger until they die in the game. If it says "Danger" at the top of the screen, you messed up. Reload the save you had when you entered the Ranger Station and try again (preferably at a better position).

5:) Once the ranger is down, put your rifle away and SLOWLY approach them. The top of the screen should say you are "Hidden" now (unless you got some random radscorpion or mutant after you). Run over to the ranger and NO NCRs SHOULD BE SHOOTING YOU. Take the armor and weapon from the veteran ranger, and that's it! You managed to get the cool armor on the front of the Fallout: New Vegas box art without NCR infamy!! :D


-Don't have any companions with you. Tell them to either wait somewhere far away, not attack, or part ways. I forgot to that I had Arcade Gannon with me in the video and he attacked the ranger. Favorably for me though, that didn't give away my position. The only problem is that sometimes with a companion, if they started to attack close up, the NCR will somehow know where you are and you will gain NCR infamy.

-Be above level 20 with at least 60+ in the guns skill. The NCR veteran rangers are "veteran rangers" for a reason. The guys are TOUGH and take a lot to beat if you are weaker.


I DID NOT make Fallout: New Vegas. All content in Fallout: New Vegas DOES NOT belong to me, it BELONGS TO Bethesda Softworks. Obsidian Entertainment MADE Fallout: New Vegas.

This video is only for entertainment and educational purposes.

If you are a minor, or child, please don't view this video. And for anyone out there just in case, please don't get influence to be violent or swear because of a game like this. I myself, am not influenced by this or any other game to be violent or to swear, because I know it is just a game, and that if in reality you use violence you get trouble, and all swearing does is give a dirty tongue and makes you look bad. So remember, that this is just a game, and that in reality, violence will bring consequence and swearing will just get other people to look down on you.

If you are not a minor though and you understand that reality violence and swearing is wrong and that you aren't influenced by video games to do anything wrong (such as me not being influenced), then go ahead, watch the video, and enjoy! ;)

Thank you for watching! :D


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