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Published on May 5, 2009
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Ben Dover
I did it, Then i replayed it to stare at her tits.
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See but that's unfair. Part of the reason we have to take a peak is the possibility that we may never see them again. You knew you were going to get to see them.
So that's why they called him "Double D" on Ed, Edd n Eddy. *rimshot*
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MT: Gear/Guns/Man Stuff/Nature/Etc
Girls: If you dress provocatively don't pretend to be all "Offended" when dudes have a look! We all know you're not "Classy" anyways, lol
That first is fighting it as hard as he can lol
but he lost in the end :D
Could someone (preferably a gorgeous big-breasted female) explain why women are annoyed when they see a guy staring at their assets? If they put their goods on display, a guy can't be blamed for looking!
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Lee Rock
It's a complicated issue, IMO. I'd say sometimes it's not nice to give a look on purpose (e.g. lustfully, or being too nosy), since it can be annoying, disturbing to the person. As for the "cleavage", I see two points here: 1) if the person dressed in a revealing way wants to get attention (and if yes, from whom) or not; 2) the propotions of people who get annoyed by others' looks to those who don't (so we can act as the prevailing majority likes). Stats, basically, and I don't know about the existence of such. I'm leaning towards this: don't looking at a revealingly dressed person if you aren't hot yourself. People, I guess (!), most often: 1) don't mind being looked at when dressed provokingly; 2) don't like that kind of attention from ugly gazers. As for "men are programmed to look", I don't believe it, you can easily restrict yourself if you want to. Women don't have to wear modest clothes just to ecsape staring.
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coffee lover
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suraj bhawal
coffee lover 4months late.
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The first guy did a good job trying
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He stood there for 20 seconds trying his hardest not to take a peek..... haha, she looked away from 1 second and BOOM, he took his chance and eyes were stuck on those perfect breast for 3 seconds...... haha
stylistickp p
her eyes were burning.
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roses are boobs, violets are boobs, We Love boobs, boobs.
Tom Smith
i love u :)
thumbs up if you want to bone her :P
C moore
The saddest thing is way too many women use their body as a weapon against men. How many times have you seen women go out in public obviously dressed to attract attention, then if the person that looks at them isn't either an athlete, a rock star, or someone extremely attractive themselves, the woman either complains that the man is rude or she will be outright abusive to him. I guess since I am 65 now and have had my share of women when I was younger, I am less tolerant than when I was the guy that could get by with looking. If a man was to stuff a cucumber in his pants and go out in public, he would be considered a pervert. If a woman goes out showing half her body, she gets almost all positive responses. Many years ago, a friend and myself went to a tittie bar. We both stuck a  zuccini squash in our pants, then sat on pervert row. We actually got a lot of attention from the dancers. It was fun, but I wouldn't do it now.
Jas Bataille
Ok... I'm gonna be straight to the point : Women dress as they please. There is nothing more shocking to a dude shirtless or wearing tight pants and what not and a girl with a really sexy outfit. Now while I hear catcalling from men all the time, I don't think that the girl will be "outright abusive" many times to a man - and I've been abused by seduction, I know the feeling... but. I'm tired of this bullshit, honestly... we should be able to control ourselves. The effect of a great cleavage on a straight dude is just as intense as a sexy shirtless dude's effect in a straight girl. It's never been otherwise. Point in case, it only depends on the context... I've been 3/4 naked with sexy girls bra-less in non-sexual contexts, just chilling out. Because bodies are just natural. Girls should be able to go topless in summer, because we do it after all! Not to mention that showing 60-80% of the body is much more sexually attractive than 100% nakedness. Guaranteed. If you're just chilling makes with naked people you got it, that's how a body looks, alright. Chill. Appreciate the view. Then one of the girl put on an open sweater... OMFG
Good God, those are fantastic.
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