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Published on Feb 14, 2018

Trump has headed for a new round of the arms race. This conclusion was made by experts after studying the draft of the new budget of the Pentagon for 2019, which was made public by the US administration.

The US President requested on Monday at the us Congress a record amount for the defense budget of the country. Donald trump asks the inhabitants of Capitol hill to approve the amount of $ 716 billion, which is 13% more than the military budget for 2017.

At a briefing in Washington, Deputy defense Minister David
Norquist said: the basic needs of the Pentagon is expected
allocate $ 617 billion.

Another 30 billion trump wants to spend on strengthening the combat readiness and modernization of nuclear weapons. At the same time, the cost of missile DEFENSE increased from 8.5 billion to 9.9 billion dollars. At the same time, the volume of expenses for peacekeeping operations is being reduced from $ 369 million to $ 291 million.

Another characteristic detail: in words, the trump administration claims that it seeks to consolidate peace in Syria. However, in reality we see something else. The numbers speak for themselves. In the already mentioned US military budget for 2019, it is planned to allocate 1.4 MLD dollars to the armed opposition of Syria. This amount includes combat training of Syrian militants by Pentagon instructors, as well as the supply of anti-aircraft missile systems to the Syrian opposition.

Another blow aimed at Russia is the allocation of the Pentagon in the budget as a separate line of the financing plan for Ukraine: trump wants to allocate $ 165 million to the non-cash one. In the comments of the US administration openly stated that the U.S. assistance is necessary for Ukraine to support Ukraine's sovereignty and to resist Russian

Experts worry about the fact that in 2019 the Pentagon is going to spend at least 89 billion dollars for the continuation of military operations in such hot spots as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Somalia.

In this regard, military analysts recall that since 2001, the us has spent from 1.5 to 4 trillion dollars on military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan.

The largest amount of money was spent on operations in Afghanistan: $ 877.4 billion. In second place – operations in Iraq – 819.1 billion dollars. By the way nearly a trillion dollars Bush has spent on the invasion and subsequent disastrous war in Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

And now it turns out that the government of Iraq to rebuild the country's infrastructure from the American destruction need $ 88 billion. it is Noteworthy that in the above-mentioned project in the US defense budget is no mention of funding for humanitarian assistance of the United States, which could be provided directly by the U.S. Congress.

Thus, presenting a new draft of the us defense budget, Donald trump has finally designated himself as "hawk in American politics." However, this is not surprising. Over the past decades, Republicans have pursued far more aggressive foreign policies than Democrats.

If we also recall the main provisions of the new us Nuclear doctrine, which was voiced recently by Donald trump, it becomes clear: the current head of the White house took a course on a nuclear arms race. Accusing Russia that it allegedly does not exclude a preventive nuclear weapon against a potential enemy, Donald trump said in response about the right of the Pentagon to use nuclear mini-charges to defeat the enemy.

Thus, the course on the arms race, including nuclear, which was announced by Donald trump, says that Washington, as in the days of Ronald Reagan, relies on the financial exhaustion of Russia.

In other words, Russia, in response to a sharp increase in military spending by the US, will also be forced to reduce spending on medicine and education, but at the same time to increase the military budget.

Trump expects that a sharp increase in oil production in the United States will lead to a fall in the price of black gold in the world, and Russia, having lost a lion's share of revenues from the sale of oil at the same time will spend a lot of money on the defense budget.

Both of these factors — the collapse of oil prices and a sharp rise in arms spending-will cause Russia's financial crisis. That is, in any case, the calculation of trump and his edinomyshlenikov-hawks on Capitol hill. In these circumstances, Russia's task is to resist these sinister plans of Washington and prove their failure



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