OC ReMix #2455: Final Fantasy 'Onward (The Travelin' Song)' [Town] by Josh Whelchel/Ryan C. Connelly





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Published on Jun 19, 2012

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ReMixers: Josh Whelchel, Ryan C. Connelly
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• Game: Final Fantasy (Nintendo, 1987, NES)
• ReMixer(s): Josh Whelchel, Ryan C. Connelly
• Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu
• Song(s): 'Town'
• Posted: 2012-06-18, evaluated by djpretzel
• Album: Featured on "Final Fantasy: Random Encounter" (http://encounter.ocremix.org)

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Video by José the Bronx Rican (José E. Felix)

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J: Yo, Ryan, I got a favor to ask.
R: Yo, what's up?
J: We've been on the road for hours. Is there any way you could, like, sing a song or something?
R: Hmm, uh, I dunno, man. What kind of style, bro?
J: Uh, can you do, like, in the style of "Airplanes" as made famous by Hayley Williams from Paramore?
R: Oh, alright!

[Onward chrous]
Onward we'll go on our quest
And seek out comfort in the wild,
Laying down, with beer and shiny chests
Push on, oh, don't give in

Beyond the hills and streams o'er the everglades,
Lies a place, a home away from home...
Maybe someday we will get that far
We'll steal their crystals from their homes...

[Gimme chrous]
Gimme F, Gimme F, Gimme F now!

Gimme F, Gimme Final Fantasy...
Gimme F, Gimme F, Gimme F now!
Gimme some o' dat Fantasy!

Gimme F, Gimme F, Gimme F now!
Gimme F, Gimme Final Fantasy...
Gimme F, Gimme F, Gimme F now!
Gimme, shit, how many F's was that?! (too many)

I go from town to town,
Haters say I'm on the prowl
But who can blame me
These chicks straight NPC ~ Hah!

I trade them shinys for elixirs
I'd give up gil to see dem pixels
So come over here, gurl
And we'll play in 3D

R: Hey, what the hell, man?
J: What?
R: I thought we were doing, like, a nice song thing here...
J: I'm only expressing my feelings, dude!
R: You just took a shit all over my song!
J: Just doing my thing for the ladies.
R: You know there aren't even any chicks here, right?
J: I think you're forgetting Boko.
R: I'm pretty sure Chocobos don't count.
J: Haha, I would not say that.

[Onward chorus]

Traveling, like three idiots,
Our swords and spells our only tools
There you go on another side-quest
To breed an army of big birds, what the...

[Gimme chrous]

J: You know, you definitely didn't have to call Boko an idiot.
R: I don't think he can tell.
J: Trust me, he can tell. Besides, once we get a blue one, we can get a new spell!
R: How is a Smurf Chocobo going to help at all?
J: I don't know... maybe they're afraid of blue birds?
R: Maybe WHO is afraid of blue birds?
J: Aren't we after some bad guys or something?
R: I don't know, this plot is too confusing...

[Onward chorus]

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