Demyx and Zexion - If You Were Gay





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Published on Nov 11, 2007

It was bound to happen someday... XD

All Zexion is trying to do is enjoy his favorite pastime: Reading.
But then Demyx comes along...
(Yes, they're now roomies XD)
After severely misinterpreting Sora's signals, Demyx gets into a discussion with Zexion that Zexion would rather not have...
...But Demyx just will not drop it ;D

I know, this is WAY overdone, but I have good reasons for doing this:
I'd watched a few other KH "If You Were Gay" vids, and I noticed something: THERE WERE NO ZEMYX ONES.
That puzzled me greatly; mainly because, in my opinion...
Demyx makes the PERFECT Nicky XD
I can totally imagine him torturing Zexion like this ;D
And Zexion is the only Org. member who actually DOES read a book, so...yeah.

I put a lot of effort into this one, into the lip-synch and into making it unique from the (many, many) others. I also tried to avoid excessive clip repetition...which is a little hard considering this is Demyx we're talking about here -_-' But I tried to match up the clips with the lyrics...well, you'll see ^_^
Yes, I know the other person with their hood up in the Final Mix clip(s) is Xigbar (you can tell by the pointy shoulders on his coat...damn! I gave away the secret -_-'), but like with a few of my AkuRokus (where I used the clips of Riku in the coat with his hood up), I used him in place of Demyx since at first glance, you can't tell who it is anyway. Plus, he makes a damn cute Demyx XD
(Thanks to lilmizzrebel31 for showing me that trick ;D)

This vid just happens to go perfectly with the one dream I've had with Zexion in it...where he had a noticably effeminate voice o_0
*sigh* It seems that even my subconscious thinks he's gay...
Of course, it probably had to do with the fact that I'd watched a Zemyx vid that night...
(And I hadn't even HEARD this song yet, so that couldn't have done it either)

Yeah...I've taken a liking to Zemyx...
Is that so wrong?!? -_-'
It is, like, the most popular non-canon KH yaoi pairing around (I call it "pseudo-canon", since, according to my reasoning, it's probably the most likely Demyx pairing, and a lot of people treat it like it's canon, so...yeah)...
...Plus, it IS kinda cute...

Oh God...
Why do I get the feeling that some of my fans aren't going to like this news?
*hears a knock on the door*
AkuRoku fangirls: TRAITOR!!!
Me: AAHHHHHHH!!!! *runs*
*fangirls chase after with flaming torches*
Me: I still love AkuRoku!!!!
Fangirls: Then why haven't you made an AkuRoku vid since September???
*keeps running*

The video clips are from KH-Vids.net (with one exception...noted in the credits ^_^), and the song is "If You Were Gay" by Avenue Q.
And, again, thanks go to AxelObcessed as well. Yeah, she rocks XD
And I found the pic at the end on Photobucket, sooo...it's not mine.


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