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Published on Mar 11, 2008


READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE POSTING QUESTIONS. Me, and with the help of some fellow youtubers have answered the most common ones.

If you want to post a question, don't hesitate. But please make sure if it hasn't already been answered. If it has, I won't bother answering it.
If you have a problem, be specific. Don't just post "It won't work, please help" and expect me to know what the problem is.

FAQS (Last Updated: 07 June 2008)

NOTE: I'm not familiar with any other game other then Super Smash Bros Brawl working with the Freeloader. I can't guarantee I know the right answer so I recommend you do some research or seek out other people on youtube who know how to deal with it.

Q: Will I still be able to save on my Wii?
A: Yes, and you'll be able to load the data too. Although if you're using a PAL game to load a file saved from a NTSC/SECAM game, it might not work.

Q: Can I play online?
A: Yup, me and my friend were able to play a few games before the lag kicked in. Be sure to have a strong signal with your wireless, or buy a Wii USB LAN adapter.

Q: What's better, wireless? Or the Wii Lan Adapter?
A: I've got both and tested them. I can honestly say wireless is better. Wireless operates faster than the said "enjoy your uninterupted high speed gaming!" LAN adapter. The only thing I can say that's bad about wireless is that you need a strong signal (green bar on the Wii menu) for better online gaming.

Only get the LAN adapter if you don't have wireless.

Q: Should I install the update in the game?
A: Yes, it is required to run the game, it doesn't damage your Wii.

Q: What versions does the Freeloader and Brawl work with?
A: From what I've seen, 3.1E and 3.2E. Code Junkies e-mailed me and said it works with ALL versions below 3.2E.

Q: Do I have to use the Freeloader everytime I want to play Brawl?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the Freeloader block/damage/modify my Wii?
A: No, it won't.

Q: When I run Brawl, I get nothing but a black screen! Why!?
A: Follow the steps I've made below the FAQ section.

Q: I got Brawl, but it's in black and white. Why is this?
A: Your TV just has to support NTSC formats as well as 60hz, no HD TV is needed, however it's recommended for a better chance for colour.
Thanks to xDc17 for informing me about this and KarateBabbe for comfirming.

Q: I have a hard time ejecting Brawl from my Wii, is it damaged?
A: No, it isn't. I have the same problem, but I've got a way to get around it. Rather then turning your Wii off, simply go on the main menu of Brawl (or anywhere an auto save won't occur) and press "eject", the Wii should spit out Brawl with no troubles.

Q: What games does the Freeloader work with?
A: The Freeloader is designed to work with ALL games, although I've heard rumours it won't work with Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX.
If it's a PAL Freeloader then it will work with NTSC and SECAM (American and Japanese) games and so on.

Q: Where did you get your Brawl and Freeloader?
A: I got mine from Ebay, I ordered both Brawl and the Freeloader individually rather then a set (£50 isn't worth it).
I would recommend Ebay because the service is faster, I got mine within 6 days, both the Freeloader and Brawl (the Freeloader came first). Considering my Brawl came from America that's pretty good.

Q: What's your Brawl Friend Code?
A: 3308-4277-5774

These steps are for the people who have the black screen issue with brawl. First of all, change your Wii TV settings to 60hz, it will ONLY work with 60hz. If it still doesn't work, switch back to 50hz and follow these steps.

1) Insert Freeloader
2) Let it Load
3) Eject Freeloader then put it in again, and let it load.
4) Eject the Freeloader and put Brawl in. You should be prompted with an update from the disc.
5) Install the update.
6) Let your Wii restart (do it manually if it doesn't work)
7) Change your Wii TV settings to 60hz (if you haven't already.)
8) Insert the Freeloader, let it load. Eject it, then put Brawl in.
9) Load Brawl

This is what I did, believe me I was in the same shoes as you guys. IT SHOULD WORK NOW.


I'm delighted to tell you guys that it works! With 3.2E!

Europeon Gamers get ordering!!!

The TV is bright because it's in black and white, this is because my TV doesn't support 60hz.

Nintendo Wii Freeloader (PAL)
Nintendo Wii vr 3.2E (PAL)
Super Smash Bros Brawl (NTSC)


I'll accept any video response about the Freeloader and Brawl. Any irrelevant responses will be deleted.

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