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Published on Jun 28, 2012

In today's show we talk about a dream I had, an update on the Miami Zombie, the JP Morgan being more in debt, a Candice Swanepoel gallery, and the passing of Obamacare this morning.

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Miami Zombie only Marijuana in System:

Candice Swanepoel Gallery:

JPMorgan Chase reports $9B Loss:

Supreme Court Victory for Obama


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Daviid DaBoom
Can he avoid to speak about 30 topics when the title of the video is obviously about a specific topic?
Cristina Morariu
Phil's voice is so weird compared to these days haha
The right-wingers are always whining about how the left runs screaming and pouting to the courts to get what they want when the voters or Congress don't see things their way. So who's doing that now by trying to scrap the ACA? The right-wingers, that's who. This program doesn't even guarantee a Canadian-style system nor the socialist health care that Congress enjoys, but it helps the underclass offset the oppressive costs of insurance because the GOP's corporate butt buffers don't want to pay grown-up wages. The subsidies that really need to be overturned are the corporate tax breaks and giveaways like oil subsides. Someone challenge BillionaireCare and end it now!
Once upon a time common folk and lower lived in tyranny world wide. There were no opportunities, no freedom and in most countries people were forbidden to speak their minds openly. Then some people came up with a revolutionary notion: ".......that all men were created equally and have been endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, cheif among these are the rights to life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness." A.K.A. The maximum liberty of the individual. This was the foundation for what became the greatest nation to ever exist on Earth. America has, because of this principal, done more good for more people than any other nation in history. Now it may be coming to an end. Not because an enemy out side our nation has invaded us but we may be coming to an end becaus of the selfish ambitions and desires of a few. What did my children do to deserve this tyranny from you progressive/communist ba$tards? You've destroysd us. D▲m you all for your selfish arrogance. One day God will bring justice to this country, mark my words.
Minor Pentatonic Blues
Damn just how did you learn to talk so fast....
I don't think people remember that insurance companies are FOR PROFIT.  Why WOULD they take on terminal or preexisting patients when the costs are so gigantic? And that is assuming that the patients are bedridden or don't have jobs! If they did, the company would likely begrudgingly accept them... See, the entire system exists on the idea of the exchange of consideration. Where the insurer provides indemnity to the insured in the case of a covered loss. It wasn't made to be "fair" or "equal." It was made to profit on people's fear of getting hurt! The inflation year-to-year increase is going to be the thing that really nails us!
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buffalo bison
LOL love how when this guys talks about religion or anything semi conservative he's obviously very aggressive in saying its wrong an loves taking things out of context but when it comes to liberal things like this he makes sure to only state the positive. He enjoys simplifying things you shouldn't to get people on his side 
darius thomas
My first mistake was looking for a reasonable argument in the YouTube comment section
David Cruz
Its true, my dad is a doctor and hasnt taken a vacation in years. I still remember not seeing him for a weeks at a time because he was doing paperwork or working in the ER too late and just fell asleep in his office
David Cruz
another reason doctors don't like it is because it requires them to give tests to patients that they don't need, which is a burden on the patient. Also, when my Dad first became a doctor, he said that he was not allowed to know the cost of the treatment, if they needed it they got it, but now they're forced to think like "He needs it but can't afford it, maybe its better for him just to wait it out"

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