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Uploaded on Nov 10, 2011

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What is Occupy Movements teaching us from a Spiritual Perspective?

The Occupy Movement is growing and spreading rapidly right now throughout the United States.

It has been prophesized that it will be the USA that will be the Spiritual Leaders of the Aquarian Age.

It is important to see these events on the planet right now from a Spiritual Perspective. Look beneath the surface to really see what is going on.

First of all the Piscean Age (last 2,000 years) is dying - these old structures that were created from ego that 'worked' in the past are dissolving.


The economic system -- only a small percentage of people on the planet benefit financially from the exploitation of many. This 99% - 1% that people are waking up to

Seeing the lies of the American Dream and seeing behind the Curtain -- to the truth of how we have been living and giving away our power.

People are losing their homes in record numbers.

People are losing their health care.

People are losing their jobs.

People are losing their Money

People are losing their faith and trust in a system that promised to take care of them until their old age.

So What is Really Going ON? What is ALL this LOSS showing us ?

We are in a VERY important Spiritual Lesson.

All the things that gave us our Security are Dissolving. Success used to mean - get an education -- get a well paying secure job that gives you health care- own your own home -- accumulate possessions -- save money -- retire. These things make us feel safe and secure in the World. NOW All of these things are disappearing. These things are not in Truth. Forcing us to ask ourselves What do we Value ?

Losing homes is forcing us to look at - What is OUR True HOME ?

The Truth is:

We live in this physical body that houses our Soul which most of us don't value. We give our authority over to a medical system that is run by pharmaceutical companies whose only motivation is to profit from illness and to create illness where there is none. We eat food from companies that create genetically modified food that is harmful to the body. We give our power and money over to businesses that do not care about our Well Being -- they only care about making money off your suffering. There is a magic pill for everything.

An extension of our home is this planet that we have not valued - polluting it -- exploiting it of its natural resources (oil/trees) to make more money.

Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.
- Cree Indian Proverb

Value Mind and EGO -- Separation -- how can I get ahead

Do you sit and point fingers and blame the government -- the banking system -- the illumunati -- NO. No one is to blame -- everyone is playing their ROLE for the purpose of waking up the people on this planet. Some of us play the good guys some of us play the bad guys -- but we all come from the same Source. We are responsible for the state of humanity.

Being create step by step willing to look in truth -- all turned away from -- did -- tolerated -- valuing wanting entertained -- conformable -- not to face hypotized stupefied by MAYA. We allowed this to happen -- Enough without our permission

What can you Do?
Although things may seem DIRE - We are in an AMAZING TIME right now of CHANGE and there is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY To create something NEW.

Ask yourself -- What do you Value in Your Life?

Realize the profound Truth that we are ALL connected -- every choice you make is affecting every other living being on this Planet.

Look at the choices you are making in your Life right now. Look in Truth at what you are doing to make your money? Are you doing this job out of fear -- just for the pay check -- then you are contributing to the problem. And this job is going to disappear. How would you be spending your time and energy if you did not have to worry about money? Go into your Heart -- this is your Contribution to the World. This is your Soul's Purpose.

Use your energy (money) to invest in companies and businesses that are in integrity -- that truly care about humanity. We vote with our Money and Energy.

See this time as a HUGE OPPORTUNIT to Create Something NEW.

Ask yourself what do you Value ? Community -- images occupy wallstreet -- we can
Value the Earth over money

Economy -- global equality and brotherhood --no competition - cooperation -- value creativity Value TRUTH -- fiction and fantasy -- no prosperity without clean air ...

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