Mercader - Blood Money - The 100000 Gold Duel





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Published on May 11, 2012

The long awaited rematch to the 20000g Duel.

Uncut, and unabridged. Who will be 100000g Richer?

- Mercader

Music -

Feint - Laurence
Feint ft. Veela - Timebomb

Muzzy - Kill the Silence

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Walter White
I miss Cata Recup. :(
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Bullshit.. tbh BC/Wotlk were best expansions but cata was pvp at its PEAK... especially for rogues... rogue pvp has never been as fun
Argyris B.
+Ivan Dimitrov yeah if you like having literaly half of the abilities you had on cata
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Sample Text
i d rather farm 2 month than fight a blood dk for that money lol
Joel Gadd
+Melted Games HAAHAHAHAHAA i know what you mean xD
Lol the DK doesn't even have any resilience, kinda unfair if you ask me but still it was one hell of a duel
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You obviously did not play during patch 4.3
Hey he's the one who accepted m8. All's fair in love and duel.
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Paweł Witkowski
God damn ... 9 minute duel ? This is why i play on private TBC ...
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Check out Nostalrius! =) ive been to 4 Private servers and they all were Crap expect Nostalrius Begins.
+Morde kaiser There's Excalibur wow. But low exp rate.
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Ognjen Stanić
Worst blood dk I've ever seen in my life. I wonder if that guy heard for lichborne heals and rune strikes tho cuz most of the time his runic power was full...
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Lichborne healing was a thing for DK's until WoD, and Blood DK's until Legion.
Ashland Tilke
+Krypto did they bring it back ? Cuz I swear it was removed since wotlk
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Zelyo Rai
omg worst rog ever ;x
+Zelyo Rai He's not worst rogue ever. Maybe, worst 100 000 duelist.
+Zelyo Rai ah cancerous fegits
PvP in cata and MoP was so fun.
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Placki Plicki
+jenkyjenksWOW The only people saying that Cata pvp was fine are those who level capped during Cata. It simply wasn't well balanced, nor cool in terms of gameplay with all the post-WotLK changes. I understand it may seem nice compared to what happened later during MoP, WoD and now, Legion, but Cata PvP was one of the great failure of the expanion which lead to the massive unsubbing experienced by the game at that time.
Placki Plicki hmm I disagree pvp in cata was fine, mop it went to shit with the continuous development of pve content and the lack of fixing unbalanced classes, as when they tried to they would make another character over the top. this duel is long as its between 2 very good players, pvp in cata was fun aswell in mop it was just rerolling the current op char and steamrolling everyone
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You can clearly see that Merc had a Mark of the Wild buff on himself during the duel. The DK would have killed him at 6:12 when he was at 500 hp, but the extra resistance and stamina enabled him to stay alive and win the duel plus the 100k gold.
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Loliduder Kupyap
When merc realised this, he asked if he wanted a rematch and he said that it wasnt needed
+John Fered You are right, I've just realized that. Still, it would be nice if we didn't have to speculate what would have happened if he didn't have an extra buff.
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NyxtovioS BilL
for me it was and always will be THE BEST ROGUE respect Mercader!!
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+spluosh no he's really not. neither is akrios (though akrios was actually a good rogue).
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lol That Dk is a keyboard turner.
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Skull Knight
+Shuyin Ouji you're*
Skull Knight
+jonathan perkins ok
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