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Published on Nov 28, 2011

Warning: This video contains spoilers.

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This is a compilation video that showcases all of the sanity effects in Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, developed by Silicon Knights and published by Nintendo. Every sanity effect in the game is shown here, some with multiple iterations in order to demonstrate their different characteristics. A full list with a short summary on each effect can be found below:

1. The game will appear to encounter a "Blue Screen of Death" error. The error message itself is actually quite clever, I recommend you pause the video and read it.

2. Your TV will appear to shut off.

3. Your TV will appear to change video modes while it sounds like your character is getting attacked.

4. The game will pretend to reset, showing the first few seconds of the Edgar Allen Poe intro sequence.

5. The game's audio will mute.

6. If your controller is left idle long enough, a still image "screensaver" of Pious takes up the screen until you press a button.

7. After saving your progress, the game will pretend to delete all of your saved files.

8. The game's audio will turn its volume down incrementally.

9. Your inventory will appear to go empty.

10. After finishing a chapter, the game pretends to abruptly end, saying that the story will continue in an eventual sequel titled "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Redemption".

11. Blood will leak from the walls and ceilings.

12. Posters and paintings will change appearance.

13. The heads of statues will follow your character's movements.

14. Bugs and flies will appear to crawl across your screen.

15. Previously unlocked doors will suddenly lock themselves but will give way after a few attempts.

16. Books will fly across the mansion's library.

17. Fake zombies will appear when you enter a room. Their attacks do no damage and they disappear after one hit.

18. Your character will turn and shoot at the TV screen. Note that this does cost you one bullet from your currently equipped gun.

19. Your character's footsteps will echo after you have stopped moving.

20. Someone can be heard banging on a nearby door.

21. Loud, heavy footsteps can be heard nearby. Note that these footsteps are independent of your character's movement.

22. Sounds of a Horror approaching can be heard nearby.

23. Descriptions of NPC's become violent or grotesque.

24. The game pretends that your controller has come unplugged upon entering a room full of zombies.

25. You enter a room to find the floor covered in fake ammo. Checking your inventory reveals that the ammo is not counted when you pick it up.

26. You enter a room full of tiny monsters. The monsters can be killed instantly by shooting them or stepping on them.

27. Your character sinks through the floor like quicksand.

28. Your character gets "scared to death" upon entering a room full of zombies.

29. Your character grows larger as he/she moves.

30. Your character shrinks smaller as he/she moves.

31. Your character's body parts break off as he/she moves. Note the funny message that displays if you attempt to equip a different weapon after both arms have fallen off.

32. You enter a room to find that your character is walking on the ceiling.

33. You enter a room to find that your character is now a zombie. As a red or green zombie you will fall over and die after some time passes, but a blue zombie explodes.

34. Your character's head falls off, upon which you can pick it up, causing the game to recite the famous passage from Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

35. Casting a healing spell causes your character to explode in a fake instant-death.

36. Upon entering a new room you get ambushed by several zombies with the door locked behind you.

37. Max accidentally shoots himself while reloading his two flintlock pistols.

38. Alex receives a phone call from her grandfather beyond the grave.

39. Your character will experience flashbacks (or flashforwards) of their current environment viewed in the context of a different time period.

40. Alex finds a dead servant hanging from a noose by the piano in the mansion.

41. Max sees himself in the cell of an asylum upon descending the well in the basement.

42. Alex sees herself in a pool of her own blood in one of the mansion's bathtubs.

Feel free to share this video with other fans of the game. Eternal Darkness is my favorite survival-horror game, and it's one of the most innovative games of its genre even by today's standards. If you haven't done so already, try to track down a copy of this gem and try it out for yourself. Thanks for watching!

Song used in the outro: "Erotomania" by Dream Theater, from the International Fan Club Progressive Nation 2008 album.

Check out my Let's Play of this game: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...


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