Should Evolution Be Taught in Schools? Worst Top 15 Miss USA Contestant Answers





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Published on Jun 20, 2011

Evidence America is going to hell with ignorance and education is failing.

Feel free to vote on which contestant gave the worst answer! I picked 15 varied answers for this video, but I could had chose about 35. The most common answer was to teach different views and let the student decide or some variation, which is a crock of shit.

Only correct answer is Evolution is the only scientific theory that is taught in science classes. This was something I learned in high school biology and 1st year College Biology class. I judged on content of answer, Miss Nevada didn't have a clue what she was answering, a clear winner. However, your criteria may differ. Special Sarah Palin award for creating a new word goes to Miss Hawaii.

Note: I disqualified Miss Arkansas for stupidity because she said they didn't even teach evolution in her high school.

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Dasel Dollani
So there is actually a debate in the Usa about evolution being taught in schools??way to go america..
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Hugh Mungus
whydoucare the universe is not suited for human habitation you dumb fuck. Did your god create all the failed solar systems, destroyed stars and trillions of inhospitable planets? Something did not come from nothing, no one ever claimed that, ever heard of the Big Bang theory? Also by your logic who created god? Did he have parents? Or did he come from nothing
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James Benton Ticer
Religious brainwashing is obviously the biggest problem when it comes to people's denial of evolution, but I think the second biggest problem is that people simply do not understand what scientific THEORY means.
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Evolution is not just a theory. Evolution is a fact.
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Since when were kids taught everything to decide stuff on their own? "Johnny, when did the Holocaust end?" "The Holocaust never happened!" "Wrong, Johnny. The Holocaust happened." "Wait, I can decide for MYSELF if it happened or not even if what I say goes against the historical evidence, teacher."
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paul morgan
johnny..............thick as pigshit
Hanni Verschlafen
+luckyharry1000 That would be an option. What is your opinion?
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Elise DB
Why do they all keep saying that evolution "is just a theory" or "an opinion" or "a belief". This is why better education in the US is needed, to teach idiots like them the difference between beliefs and science.
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Regina Vega
So science and knowledge shouldn't be "pushed on you". Well then don't go to school, dumbasses.
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Jay Smith
haha this is what you both do when you cant answer the questions; change the subject. whatever floats your boat, oh and one more thing coffee is not good for monkeys
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Dear rest of the world,  Us Americans are truly sorry for our astonishing amount of ignorance.          Sincerely, Some Yankee.
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Barnaby Weatherall
The last one wasn't a bad answer...
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Barnaby Weatherall I loved the last answer (I'm also Catholic)
I thought the final answer was good too.
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Wow I never knew so many of those beauty queens were so dam stupid. A Theory is the highest form of science made of facts from all different fields of science. There is no other competing theory. Creationism is an idea without any facts or proof. It does not stand with evolution as an alternate. Facts should be taught in school and so far evolution is the only real set of facts we have. Its been around for almost 200 years and each year we find another reason to support it. 
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what's wrong with americans? i'm italian, we have vatican and a lot of annoying stuff about church, but here no one, NO ONE has ever doubted evolution!! so what the fuck is the problem?? 
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Jessica Vallone
+Matthew Percy sure I would like to go back in time to see it happen. Obviously yes on the germs it's obvious and common sense. Im sure you are already assuming I'm not educated but Thats ok you make an ass out of u and me .
Jessica Vallone
+Matthew Percy by old standards its possible. And by old thinking that musty air can contribute to sickness is true. by now it's clear as we have seen that it's clearly observed. Evolution is the closest thing to the truth? Based on all the lies they already full in schools I'm supposed to believe that garbage too?? Hah!
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