Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 2 - Music Disc "11" (Download 1.9.2 In Description!)





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Published on Sep 29, 2011

This one is a bit creepy. eh, I say a bit? It's really weird. It might be some sort of teaser for a new boss mob of some sort, who knows.

Description to the item:

"This disc plays the track "11." The disc appears cracked and broken, and instead of music, sounds to be an extremely eerie audio recording of a fearful player being chased by an unidentified mob."

To me it doesn't sound like a ghast, and it sounds more underground then in the Nether. And I don't think there is grass blocks in the nether... Maybe it was a pigman before it was a zombie? Maybe it's a person being chased by crazy monsters in a Stronghold in an abandoned (used to be functional) Mineshaft? No one will ever know unless Team Mojang Tells us.

Instructions to download (For Windows 7 only): Download the Minecraft.jar file. Go to Start, search "%appdata%" without the ", Click on Roaming, open .minecraft, go into bin, remove minecraft.jar and REPLACE IT WITH THE MINECRAFT.JAR YOU JUST DOWNLOADED. Then start up Minecraft, then BAM! you got yourself 1.9 Pre-release 2 :D

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Comments • 259

Mason D. Hoyt
My friend told me it was a guy running into a cave, lighting a match, going through his parcel, then running again, trying to dig away from it, then dying.
Reinbo Wusky
God, you guys... xD Notch even announced himself that Herobrine wasn't even in the game. At all. He's not a death glitch. He's not a ghost. It was started when this troll wanted to fake a Herobrine sighting and freak out in a Livestream of him playing Minecraft. 
Seddys Swasono
Disc 11
SoldierlyCat 551
My ideas: Enderman (true?) Herobrine
I heard an ender man
Ender man is the 11 th mod
Emily Spicer
a) it gives away the fact that you're not the first/only miner b) i pretty much think there will be a way to repair this disc, and that will answer some questions
Anti Socialss
Correction: "13" Is thy Herobrines song.
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