Raven explains why she wasn't in The Cheetah Girls 3





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Published on Aug 22, 2010

Everyone wanted to know why raven wasn't on the disney channel original movie the cheetah girls 3: One World, now you can hear the own Raven and figure out why she wasn't in it.

Song: In your Skin - Raven Symoné

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Da' Quan Robinson
I hated the 3rd one just because she wasn't in it...............
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salamat saeed
Da' Quan Robinson same
Dominique Jennings
Ally Ri I agree
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Maybe she left the group because she doesn't want to be labeled like a cheetah and probably she said  "I'm tired of being labeled, I'm not a cheetah, I'm a human being"
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Obey Amma
this comment is perfect omg
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Twilight Shadow
That's not why she wasn't in Cheetah Girls 3. 1. Raven was never part of the actual group to begin with. Disney just added her into the movie because she has an AMAZING voice and she's a Disney Star so it brought much needed hype to the movies. 2. She was in contract for the movie "College Road Trip" during the filming of the third movie so she couldn't be part of it besides the teeny tiny cameo appearance.
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Arlene Del Bull
The Cheetah Girls weren't an official group until 2 years after the first film. Due to the first soundtrack and film being so big and the soundtrack ending up becoming multi-platinum, they decided to make them a full-time group and Disney's recording company Hollywood records signed them. They offered Raven if she wanted to be in the group and record albums with them, but she declined because of how huge That's So Raven was and she wanted to focus on that. They brought her back for the 2nd movie because that was the role she played, but she was still not a part of the group officially. She was, but only for the films, not in real life. But I think what she said in this video is partially true, but also I feel like it was because she didn't get along with the other girls and had a difficult time working with them. There was rumors that she would sit with Belinda during lunch time while filming the 2nd film while the other girls sat together. It was that bad. Raven going on tour with them would've been a disaster.
Swiftie Luma
+aftess15 If anybody is still wondering , there's actually a very small cameo of Raven. When the movie starts , and they are getting ready to sing ''Cheetah Love'' they show some pictures including ones from the Barcelona trip , and one includes Raven. That's it.
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Sayira Silverio
personally i don't think there would've been harm done in being in one last movie. the cheetah girls quickly faded off after that anyway... oh well. 
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Kenneth Paige
Skunky I wouldn't say all that tho but there was big change. vocally the only true singers are raven and adrienne. most of the vocals in choruses of the songs were completely different vocalist prolly from prerecorded demos for the film and you can hear it just with added vocals and adlibs. I would doubt how far they would've made when half of the group couldnt harmonize. without raven just exhausts adrienne vocally because that's one girl to carry the whole group instead of 2 imo.
Christine Patricia
+Sayira Silverio It probably faded because it wasn't the same without all four honestly.
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Kayla Freeman
I'm glad she stuck up for what she wanted her career to be. BUT THE CHEETAH GIRLS WEREN'T THE SAME. Love u raven
Camreon Kelley
Colorless Symone thought she was Beyonce.
Kamii Diarra
She lied about it. It was about her and girls not getting along and almost fighting
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Dominique Jennings
. I remember that Kiely is a bitch for that
ryan curry
Kiely also used to throw shade at Adrienne Baillon, saying that she has chicken legs
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Basically she didn't want people to confuse her solo career which was mature material suitable for her real age with the cheetah girl which was aimed at a younger crowd. 
I figured it was because of her weight gain, it didn't match up with the other girls.
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She was saying big girl in reference to her age and the type of music she wanted to do. She saying The Cheetah Girls was a more kiddie image and that people wouldnt take her adult material seriously if she did both st once.
+sassydiva_naynay Still kind of rude, but I get it because it didn't look right to me as well even though she gained it for a different movie and had to lose a good portion of that for CG2.
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Brianna Simone
it wouldn't have gave her too much harm because most people know her from that's so raven, which has more popularity than cheetah girls. But tbh I only watched cheetah girls  because of raven anyways lol

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