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Published on Nov 22, 2007

hunger in the world kills a child in every 5 seconds...

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Heather Wells
Dear God, Please send Good Healthy Food to each and every Person baby and All children All Around the Whole World ❤ Please make sure each and every Person has an Abundance of Food and Clean Water each and every Day ❤ Please Help them have a good place to live and Clean Clothes ❤ Please fill there refrigerators full of Good Healthy Food every Day ❤ Please take All the Hungry people and Give them Exallant Health and fill there stomachs full of Good nutritional Foods ❤ Thank You GOD ❤❤❤ Amen❤❤❤ We are So Very Grateful God❤❤❤ Please NO Negative Comments after this Prayer! 😄
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WpQiAmSaTaN qPiIjI
Ultra light Fuck you, I'm Satan, and even I admit praying works you cunt.
On Live
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Stop making babies when you cant feed them. 
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Innovative Solutions
I think that you should find out more information, about this issue, before posting silly comments. Remember kid, taking actions before thinking, is not going to take you far in life..
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The problem isn't that every 5 seconds a child starves to death. The problem is every 2.5 seconds theses people breed and have more children. Just imagine what would happen if these kids didn't die and had kids of their own!!! This is a necessary evil. Gonna grab a snack. Watching this is making me hungry.
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+Gila6918 German?? EU?? I have a Euro Pass, (German). I hate so see whats happening here happen there.
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Wow some of these comments make me sick, saying 'Why are they having babies when they can't feed them' If you didn't know most of these women get raped, don't assume idiotic things. In these parts of the world theirs no such thing as child support, it just seems like the worlds forgot about the lost people living in hunger and fear. We have money and we have supplies therefore we should help them, if we can start a war then we should start helping people, which is happening right now. There's no supplies for a women to get an abortion, people need to stop being so ignorant and rude. We made this happen, because of ignorance&selfishness If only we could all be treated equal. 
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Katy B
there is so much practice in this world they need to Reed the bible and try to understand we all came from one nasaelthy in the name of of the father and son and holy Spirit amen
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mano bijili
Great condom ad.
mano bijili
+Sanka Anuranga My parent's are married and bastard isn't an insult.
Sanka Waragoda
Bastardo !
Eleonora Sojic
help them, ok, but why don't they help them selves a little bit, why dont they stop screwing and making tones of children if they have nothing to feed them with??!!
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Brett Bernard
+Валерия Дотере​ Yeah, when you're just 1 person. I guarantee any subgroup could've made a significant difference if they had the heart. For instance if the all money spent to buy the new PlayStation 4's and Xbox one's were given to people in need instead of to Microsoft and Sony, a good size city over there could've hypothetically possibly ate enough for a month to gain good energy to take a break and overthrow a local overlord. The problem is we only think as one person instead as a collective. How did Egypt start a revolution? How did Ukraine start their revolution? They were a collective. Of one heart and mind. It's useless to think ppl together can't make a difference. We have the power to make anything happen. Most have just been taught and brainwashed into thinking you're 'just one person'. Biggest bologne ever spoken.
Валерия Дотере
+Jason Joyce donaton is yousles
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Ryley McLean
Made me cry... In laughter. These aids infected dirt eating shit heads are so stupid. GIVE GIVE GIVE. If they put as much effort in hunting as they did begging, they might not look like a skeleton. Stupid niggers.
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Donki Hot
I really hope you choke on your own shit and die, you evil worthless mother fucker!
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Plate Of Bacon
Make all of the fat Americans have liposuctions, turn all of that fat into nuggets, and ship them to Africa. That solves 2 problems.
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Ghkjdf Hbjhffh
good body attacking america while you ignored 192 countries on the way good luck but no american will show up here and say to you fuck you if that what you want from your comment if they are dying why can't they stop making more babies
eliasmittnamn ja
That is nota good idea because no ship in the world has the capacity of 200 million tonnes of HCHF diet based fat (HCHF= High Carb High Fat)
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All that is now
Only the truth of life can turn this world right side up. Nothing could be more important or worthwhile than checking the truth for yourself. Google Truth Contest and check out the top entry.
+All that is now BULLSHIT - this stupid 'truth contest"
Jazz Susas
why still get preggy when you cant feed them,pls stop
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Jazz Susas
You make your own problem and blame it to the government.. 
Jazz Susas
Now,its the governments fault???? Hahahahaha..first and foremost you have to think it on what you get into
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