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Published on Sep 21, 2012

The greatest movie series of all time... cast your vote! The Common Room gang is here to look into the most awesome, most inspiring, funniest, more enduring movie trilogies and series ever, and cast their votes for their favorites. Will it be the Bond series? The Godfather? Alien and its sequels? Harry Potter? Tune in and find out, then let us know what you think! (Part #2 will come in just a few days)

What do you think makes a film series the greatest in history? Should it be the most entertaining? The highest grossing? The most influential in terms of changing how we view later movies? Are there any you think we've left out? (Bear in mind we've got a second part coming in just a few days!) Leave a comment down below letting us know what you think!

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We'd like to thank Brett, Alex, and Brett's girlfriend for joining us!

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Comments • 312

lily brooks
Lotr is the best ever .Hands down.But all the other ones are still good.
A Random Guy
yes it is
Jack McCullough
No Vodfather is better
Seth B
i love batman but lotr the character development was better and it was just one complete story, like i watch all three movies in a row
A Random Guy
are u retarded lotr destroys the dark knight trilogy
roberto OBRIJANU
lol that garbage was better then lotr giveme a break garbage faggots
The guy saying Batman is way better than LOTR, is obviously a tryhard. Come on, are you serious. We can argue LotR is a good movie or not, but Batman is not better than that.
I hate the batman movies because that all they do.  It's either bats or superman.  Please Hollywood there are so many other heroes out there stop being lazy.
Here's my thoughts on Star Wars episodes 1-3: Episode 1, a good start.  Left some plot holes like how Anakin's mother got pregnant with him & characters like the gungans weren't as fully fleshed out or given as much of a spotlight as they deserved, but overall it was a good way to start the new trilogy.  Episode 2, totally awesome!  Almost nothing wrong with it at all except that they didn't do a very good job of making Count Dooku a morally ambiguous character as they wanted (didn't help that they gave away that he was the bad guy in the toy commercials), but otherwise there's nothing I would've changed about that movie.  Episode 3, good, but it wasted a lot of really good potential.  General Grievous was my favorite character in the entire franchise, but they made his fighting seem clumsy & unwieldy when he was using all four arms.  They could've made that battle even more epic than the fight with Darth Maul, but instead they had him scampering away with his tail between his legs for half of it, & fighting like a street thug for the other half.  Also, it didn't ultimately make very much sense how Anakin ended up turning.  He discovers Palpatine is the dark lord of the sith & sends the council after him, but then he decides that it's not right for them to kill him because it's "not the jedi way" & he "needs him" & proceeds to help butcher a jedi master?  & then he suddenly realizes that the jedi are all traitors to the republic & he slaughters dozens of children without remorse?  Where did all this come from?  The movie introduced some awesome stuff, & pretty much summed up everything leading into the original trilogy, but it seemed very sloppily done & didn't take advantage of most of it's own material.  So, there you have it; my take on the Star Wars prequel trilogy.
Art of Brent Minehan
Oh whatever, The Dark knight is one of my favourite movies ever and batman begins is up there.. TDKR is a bit of a let down but to say the movies as a whole are WAY better than LOTR is just ludicrous. Look you can say i prefer batman and that's totally cool and understanding but like any rational person you have to appreciate why something is so good even if you don't personally like it that much. I don't really like Casablanca that much for example but i still recognise its brilliance. LOTR, a movie series - with more oscars then anything mind you - are masterful movies in so many ways and if you cant appreciate why they are so good your a fool. You don't have to like them, just recognise them for what they are, that's my point.
Armando Castillo
The dark knight trilogy is was the movies out there...and it was joe chill not cool lol and it was 1939...then again I do know they told his origin later so it might have been for 40 till we got his origin
Like Brett said. There is a special place in your heart for a certain series.Possibly one you enjoyed as a kid
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