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Published on Nov 7, 2011

This is "The Mona Lisa" from the book "Halo Evolution's", it was animated by One for 343 Industries for Halo Way-Point.

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This one is very dark. It's feels more like the alien universe than the halo one. And I think it is awesome although I was not to keen on the ending. It was a bit anoying.
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WOW champian
Ok, Here's how I predict for a way both Henry and Lopez win. Lopez and Henry duke it out. Henry starts kicking Lopez's ass because we can all agree that elites are significantly stronger than humans. Lopez is landing a few good shots on Henry, drawing a little bit of blood but Henry starts overpowering her, and eventually he has her down on the ground about to finish her off. But then Lopez get's it together and starts landing a few good shoots on Henry when he was least expecting it. Eventually she turns the tables and she's got Henry backed against the wall. Henry drops his cricket bat and Lopez drops her rifle which has no ammo. She picks up the bat and is about to come down on Henry's head with it, But Henry starts to stagger a bit after taking a few blows to the head. He starts feeling against the wall with his arm, and he accidently crosses a hidden security panel that opens a hatch revealing "another" emergency escape pod.       Think about it. Wouldn't make sense for a "civilian prison ship" to have another, or maybe more than one, escape pod hidden away on some places throughout the ship for crew members or security staff to evacuate themselves or other prisoners in case of events like prison riots, hostile ship borders, covenant attack ships, or in "this" case The Flood. Also, we still don't know what "exactly" Oni was doing with the Flood on the Mona Lisa (When I say Oni I mean "all" of Oni because Smith had to have been ordered to do what he did by them directly). So maybe they probably got their hands on it and made extra special additions to it like hidden escape pods throughout the ship (not particularly for other members), that would make sense right? Oni's always doing weird shit like this. They're just one of those typical, corrupted government leaderships whose every actions are done in secrecy.       So after discovering the extra escape pod Lopez and Henry call it a tie because now they realize that they both have a ride off the ship and they don't have to fight about it. Lopez goes back to the Red Horse and Henry somehow makes his way back to the Covenant Super Carrier nearby. Any other events that take place onboard either ship between each faction I cannot predict further. Some of you may agree with me and some of you might think I'm being crazy and stupid. But this is the way I would like to see it play out where everyone gets their fair share. Some of you may disagree and say that Henry definitely won because he's an elite, which is understandable. But I just wanted to give an alternative closing to the plot that makes sense to me and maybe to you all as well if you agree
Why arnt the marines this effective in game
I hope henry wins
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Raymond Armenta
Yeah with out a doubt Henry won Sangeli for life baby!!!
luke s
henry won a fully grown elite could easily overpower a unsc troop. Elites are very tough to beat even for master cheif 117 just read the books he has trouble in hand to hand combat with elites.
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Dat Assassin
They need to make a flood horror halo game
Angel Garcia
New way to infect other than spores to even the flood infection forms themselves? Is that cannon or not?
Alright, what in the hell was going on in the beginning?
Ricky Ricardo Ramirez Rocha
this would make a great movie!!! Just imagine Ridley Scott making this movie lol with actual budgets not the tiny budget halo nightfall had lol
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