October 22nd: The Anniversary of Young Earth Creationism





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Published on Oct 22, 2007

In which John drops an extra nerdy brotherhood 2.0 episode in an attempt to pwn young earth creationists.

(And no, that's not textual communication, Nerdfighters, as has been established by repeated precedents.)


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Giselle Pezoa Wattson
That is in TFIOS (I jumped out of my chair and did my happy dance)
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7th Degree Imperial Yo-Yo Master
"Come quickly, I am tasting the stars" Yeah but, did he find any fault with them? DING!
Shea Elliott
Tasting the stars... That AMAZING reference to the Fault in our Stars BEFORE he started writing it... It's amazing all the stuff you can learn from these videos.
Bailey M
You managed to give us the TFIOS feels before you published the book!  Way to go! The only person who can make me cry about a book before it technically exists!
Fault in Our Stars reference. Quick. Everyone take a drink. (Because every Fault in Our Stars reference...or thing that turned up in TFiOS afterwards from Vlogbrothers really should be a drinking game - Of Milk and Cookies... the best kind of drinking game).
"Come quickly, I am tasting the stars." !!!! TFIOS!! Wow.
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John Doe
I myself am not a Young-Earth Creationist, but I feel that they may be misrepresented..  So, allow me to play devil's advocate.  Most Creationists do not deny the fact that there is a vast  expanse of scientific evidence that clearly indicates that the world/universe is much older than their understanding of the Bible indicates. Young-Earth creationism is built on the assumption that there exists an all-powerful God.  They would posit  that an all-powerful being is able to instantly create a world/universe that already has the marks of great age. Let's take, for example, the fact that light produced by galaxies that are millions of light years away has reached earth. This Indicates that there were millions of years for the light to travel. They would explain this by simply delineating that God instantly made both the galaxies, and the light from the galaxies, at the same time. This is one of many conclusions they make; and all of their conclusions are logically consistent within their worldview.  When God can do anything, how hard is it to fabricate history?  I don't think it's fair to call Young-Earth Creationism "idiotic." Doing so  essentially accuses any worldview with presuppositions of being idiotic. (I've never encountered a worldview without them, including scientific Rationalism.)   I also don't think it is fair to assume that anyone who is a Young-Earth Creationist  must be an ignoramus. I have known incredibly intelligent Young-Earth Creationists. It is unfair to condemn a worldview as ridiculous simply because you disagree with its presuppositions; and doing so might indicate a lack of complex imagination of others. Anyway, thus ends my rambling discourse. I know it's not likely many people will read this; but if you do, farewell, and DFTBA. :-)
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Aoife Mcsweeney
TFIOS TFIOS TFIOS TFIOS TFIOS i feel the need to have a party everytime he says something that ends up in one of his books
Tasting the stars, the STARS!!!! XD
First TFiOS reference. Before TFiOS was even a thing
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