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Published on Jun 12, 2007

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After watching it a million of times I felt like sharing some tiny mistakes this master piece has. I love The matrix, just watched it way too much

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farnis coni
even if there are zillions mistakes that will not change the fact  Matrix is  AWESOME movie.
Another mistake: When neo unloads two pistols into the agent on the rooftop and the agent dodges all the bullets, why didnt any of the windows behind the agent smash?
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Dennis McKim
+Jinigosoti Game-Clips it's a pistol, there's no way. even a tiny pistol. if a bullet has the power to hit someone, and STILL have time to go some maybe 2 feet farther, i was a mistake, definetely
+InvincibleNumanist Maybe the bullets can't reach that far?
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These weren't mistakes, The Matrix was hacked by the NSA.
your speech impediment/accent makes watching this clip fucking unbearable
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I just came to the party too, wassup? I have no problem understanding his english, even though my native language isn't that or common with his. I've had more trouble in english channels, like planet dolan. But I guess that's my ear, commonly having more trouble with native speakers. Or it's that native speakers usually don't need to speak too clearly in their everyday lives, as they understand natives and can be understood more easily, while non native speakers actually try to speak more clearly because of their lack with familiarity with the language. Sometimes though weird non native accents can make all languages sound incomprehensible.Since we are in a matrix vid, It's like getting source data(hought) and passing it through filters that don't match potentially(translation to english, and non english accent). This can result in information lost, like when you lose color gradients, when you output full range color on a limited color display. So the final question is: Should some1 upload a vid in youtube like this? It certainly is his prerogative to upload anything. Others would claim it wrong/stupid to potentially annoy people when you can hold your thoughts to yourself or easily present them in a better way(written, subs). Me? Having written all this I feel so neutral I don't even remember my opinion when I started XD I do believe commenters were way harsher on the OP than he was on the uploader though, for him being harsh on the first place, ironically. The uploader had a right to upload, the OP to complain and all the others to complain on that, but at what point does one become a jackass? A line I have explored myself too much, for sure :p
+Darryl S You're about 2 1/2 years late to the party.
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homer simp
Your wrong about the guns, there still falling. Watch how they land 
1:21 "'Mor-phee-oos"
Sanjay Jainal
Wаtсh Thе Маааtriхх оnlinе hеrе => https://twitter.com/d8b3cbb3e5e897b45/status/795841480271069184 Тhе ММааtriхх Моviе МММistаkеs
In the lobby scene, Neo is firing .32 caliber submachine guns, but in slo-mo the shells falling to the floor are .223 or 5.56 rounds.
caryaway you know this isn't real, right? Or did you miss that part?
Jorge Yan
Damn that's an excellent catch.
Rahul Wankhade
I don't think that Wachowski's brothers didn't get this. May be mistakes were made intentionally to add more mystery in it.
Well it is the matrix, things are not really there. Its the same with the dejavu scene.
why the hell would it even matter if it had mistakes in it the only thing is if you enjoyed the movie you wont even notice the mistakes and besides its also the matrix so really anything could happen right :)
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