Salafi Wahhabi Dance Exposed in Saudi and Bahrain





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Published on Nov 17, 2008

This is my (Abdul Riyal ibn Baaz) leader Abdul Bush ibn Saud dancing with al-Khalifa George Bush 2nd. I (Mufti Abdul Riyal bin Baz) gave a fatwa in 1991 allowing the first Gulf War against the Muslims of Iraq under the leadership of al-Khalifa George Bush 1st. You can see my fatwa together with those of my students who supported me in Al-Muslimun magazine (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), January 18, 1991. You can see my detailed fatwa in support of al-Khalifa Bush 1st with that of Sheikh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaimin and Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdur-Rahman Al-Jibreen, in Fatawa Islamiyah/Islamic Verdicts (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Darussalam, 2001), Vol. 1, pp. 251-252. I (Bin Baz) was later promoted to chief mufti (religious official) of the monarchy, no doubt due to my part for supporting the monarchy's alliance with the United States.

I was also very lucky that I had the support of Sheikh Bilal Philips who made a series of audio lectures saying that we had invited US troops to Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War for dawa purposes aimed at converting them to Islam. I couldnt believe that he was naïve enough to think that we had actually invited US troops for dawa purposes ignoring the fact that in doing so millions of Iraqi Muslims were bombed to bits and killed, hehehe. Or may be he wasnt really naïve but knew exactly what was going on that is for you to decide;-) It didnt matter though because according to us Ahle Hadith/Salafis those Muslims like 99% of the Ummah are involved in kufr, shirk and bida while our government and al-Khalifa Bush 1st are not. Mr Philips was granted lots of money to publish books for free distribution promoting a 100 year old revisionist form of tawheed as a reward.

This type of dance for Abdul Bush ibn Saud and al-Khalifa Bush 2nd (leader of the blessed jihad invasion and destruction of Iraq) is allowed in Islam according to our Ahle Hadith/Salafi (Wahhabi/Najdi) scholars but dancing out of love for the Prophet Muhammad is kufr, shirk and bida according to us. Whoever does the later is doomed in the Ahle Hadith/Salafi view. This is my fatwa and it is supported by our other noble scholars who are supported by Abdul Bush such as Bin Uthaimin, Tauseef ur Rahman, Umar Maulvi (sheikh ul Islam of Kerala, whos son became a Hindu Saint), Bilal Philips etc.

Unfortunately, today some of my students are looking at my behaviour and although staying with my beliefs are calling me kafir for supporting Abdul Bush and al-Khalifa Bush 2nd and are becoming terrorists. Other students of mine are also unfortunately reading classical Islamic books but published outside Saudi Arabia which do not have mine and Albanis corrections and have started becoming Sufi mushriks and followers of the 4 madhhabs after discovering that 99% of the scholars of the past were also Sufis and followed one of the 4 madhhabs (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafii and Hanbali). My friends Albani and Khajnadi tried very hard in preventing people from following, I mean worshipping the 4 imams and to get them to follow us instead as we have been enlightened by Allah to know Islam better than them. However, it is very difficult to misguide, I mean guide the ordinary people as they keep finding out that the 4 schools have been checked and rechecked by 1200 years of scholarship whilst our way has only been around for 100 years and only has the blessings of the UK and USA scholars. This is why the Salafis/Ahle Hadith leaders have been giving their oil at cheaper prices than water.

The only other country where the Salafis/Ahle Hadith have forcefully taken over is Bahrain (and Qatar). In Bahrain, the West supported Wahhabism in exchange for building the largest military base in the Middle East there. All Wahhabis (Ahle Hadith/Salafis) of the world have known about this for decades because they supported it. You see the same type of dance to welcome and celebrate the arrival of al-Khalifa George Bush 2nd here by Bahrains president, King Hamad bin Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa. However, public mawlid, hadra and dhikr gatherings for the Best of creation (pbuh) has been forbidden here!

These type of gatherings in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are nothing new. They have been going on since the taking over of these two nations by the Wahhabis some 70 years ago. Wahhabism is a combination of corrupt politics and beliefs contradicting the majority of Muslims of the past and present. The source of their corruptions is Ibn Abdul Wahhab and Ibn Saud.

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