1. NWO explained in 5 min: Old World Order is Aristocracy, Humanity is Slave of the Pharaoh Masons

  2. The Aristocracy Behind World War II; Phoney War, Neville Chamberlain, Churchill & Communism

  3. edWARd sNOWden HOOAH, Financial Elite Psy Op to Stop CIA-NSA-IRS, Geneva Files, Whistleblower Shill

  4. Hitler and Aristocracy, Reichstag Fire, Day of Potsdam, Emperor Frederick the Great & Sans Souci


  6. Prepper Travelling Without Money Tips: Hitchhike, Sleep Outside. Prepping & Eat From Garbage Cans

  7. Sittenzerfall: Gleichgeschlechtliche Heirat, Adoptivkinder, Sodomitenverschwörung & Illegale Grenze

  8. Marriage Homosexuelle & Adoption Enfant: Passer Frontière Illégale & Pont vers Dégénération Totale

  9. Homosexual Marriage & Child Adoption: Crossing Illegal Borders & Bridge towards Total Decay

  10. Revolution, Revolucion, Resistance: Revolutionaries Unite vs. Octogon Nazi Dictatorship Switzerland

  11. Code O2T Torture: Lifting Out the Soul for a Satanic Ritual in a Sacrifice to a Pharaonic Deity

  12. Dr David Duke & Brother Nathanael - The Unholy Couple from the Middle Ages: Dukes & Priests

  13. Marie Schluchter Murder with Help of Swiss Police

  14. Police Protects Pedophiles & Arrest Child Abuse Victims: Victorious Judiciary & Happy Judges

  15. Hitler Youth from Switzerland Insult Islam & Hussein Obama with Anti Black Racist Posters

  16. Holy Grail`s Castle, Blackwater, Black Castle & 666 Bear Revelations in the Empire of the Beast

  17. Alex Jones Infowars hiding Occult Satanic Pentagram and Saturn Rings Symbols in Live Shill

  18. Switzerland`s American Bankrobbery, Financial Terrorism & Swiss National Bank Zürich

  19. Boston Brakes, Alma & Dealey Plaza Murder: Lady Diana, JF Kennedy, J Haider & Dutroux Witnesses

  20. Aristocracy`s Reign of The Pharaonic Bloodlines through Hidden Freemasonry is the NWO Nobility

  21. Boston Bombings Swiss Banks` Motive, 400 million $ Fine, Financial Terrorism & Blackwater

  22. TSARnaev, Boston Bombing, 666 Boylston St, False Flag Ops, Geo Strategical War & Oil in Chechnya

  23. Ashes Square & Swiss Inquisition, Les Trois Rois of Baalbek, Ka, Ki, Chi & Origins of Switzerland

  24. Swiss Banksters Call Police, Cold Reptilians, UBS 666 Lizard Bank, Offshore Leaks, Terracotta V-Sign

  25. Octogon The Empire of Darkness

  26. No More Wars - Fight The Enemy Within Instead

  27. God`s Creation Mutilated by Pharaoh`s Perversions

  28. Switzerland`s Nuremburg Laws 2013, Integration, Police State, Discrimination & Escalation

  29. Peace March, Marche de la Paix, Friedensmarsch 2013: Sylvain Durif from Bugarache to Jerusalem

  30. Octogon das Reich der Finsternis

  31. Das Ende der Welt in Bugarach 21. Dezember 2012, Untergrundsbasis für Ausserirdische Raumschiffe

  32. Montségur, Nibelungen Schloss, Siegfried, Sigurd, Drachentöter & Katharen auf Scheiterhaufen

  33. Totale Auslöschung der Katharen Hochkultur; Täterschaftsprofil: Papst und Octogon Nazi Templer

  34. Katharen Schloss Quéribus in Südfrankreich 2013 "Hausbesetzer" mit Wander Schlafsack

  35. La Fin du Monde et des Ovnis à Bugarach, Jeu Psychologique des Pharaons avec la Peur

  36. Montségur, Dragon de Sigurd, Cathares Assassiné & Inquisition des Templiers d`Octogon

  37. Carcassonne la Cité pris par Simon de Montfort des Montagnes Forts d`Octogon des Templiers

  38. Slimy Swiss Stock Scammer (New York Post), FBI, Wall Street, Black Tuesday & Hjalmar Schacht

  39. Statement by Sean Hross concerning Suicidation, False Flag Crime & Swiss Organised Nazi Terror

  40. War Monument, Lion Symbol of Pharaonic Royal Dynasty & European Nobility of Pure Per-A Descent

  41. Chaise du Diable ou Fauteuil d`Isis de 5.000 ans dans Forêt à Rennes-les-Bains et Carcassonne

  42. Quéribus, Gnosticisme, Passer la Nuit dans Chateau Cathar, Malleus Maleficarum & Inquisition Suisse

  43. Space Cops, Pig Stone Table & Hidden Symbols of the Enemy Within in the Streets of France

  44. Medieval Lizards, Reptilians from the Dark Ages and Serpents from the Middle Ages

  45. Pyramide d`Austerlitz de Napoleon la plus grande d`Europe & Hotel Bilderberg à 8 km distance

  46. 5.000 Jahre alte Isis Stuhl oder Teufelssessel in Rennes-les-Bains und Carcassonne in Südfrankreich

  47. Authentique Pyramide en France & Témoignage Autochtone sur Messe Noire et Affaires Occultes

  48. Bugarach, The End of the World, December 21st 2012, UFO Base in Mountain & Extraterrestial Aliens

  49. Uralte Pharaonen Pyramide von Falicon, Feind im Inneren ist sehr Real, sie waren immer schon da

  50. The Road to the Pyramids, Tips for Revolutionary Travelling, Preppers & Hobo Hitchhiking Survival

  51. Le Chateau d`Arques of the Cathars conquered by Crusaders and Pierre de Voisins in 1231

  52. Chateau Villerouge-Termenès & Guilhem Bélibaste the last Cathar burned alive in 1321

  53. Die Pyramide von Austerlitz, das Bilderberg Hotel und Prinz der Finsternis in nur 8 km Entfernung

  54. Mornas Castle France & Chevaliers de Saint-Jean de Jerusalem or The Order of the Knights of Malta

  55. Rennes-le-Chateau, Bérenger Saunière, Otto Rahn & The Eagle

  56. Pharaoh Show Nice South of France; lots of Suspicious Buildings Covered with Pharaonic Designs

  57. Old and New Pharaonic Symbols in Altkirch Alsace France near Swiss Border - They`re There All Right

  58. The Bilderberg Prince of Darkness, his Hotel near the Pyramid, his 322 Squadron & Zyklon B

  59. Raymond Trencavel of Carcassonne Castle put in Dungeon 1209 by Crusaders of Empire of Evil

  60. The Wolf and the Castle; Chateau Puivert was taken in 1210 by the Crusaders from Octogon

  61. At Montségur Nibelungen Siegfried slayed Dragon & 1244 Swiss Inquisition murdered Cathars

  62. Octogon Inquisition of Swiss Simon de Montfort Murdered the Cathars of Occitania at Quéribus

  63. Reptilian Business Logo of the Lizard Eye in Carcassonne Southern France

  64. Pharaonen Show Düsseldorf für Linke, Rechte, Nationalisten, RAF, Infokrieger & für Deutschland

  65. Isis Chair or Devil`s Chair of Seth-On in Rennes-les-Bains and Carcassonne - They`re Here All Right

  66. Pyramid of Austerlitz made by Pharaoh Napoleon near Bilderberg Netherlands - They`re Here All Right

  67. Real Ancient Pharaonic Pyramid La Ratapignata near Nice in Southern France - They Are Here All Right

  68. Schweizer Tyrannei: OCTOGON finanzierte Hitler, Konzentrationslager & Untergang Deutschlands

  69. Les Pharaons Suisses de France; on est sous Domination d`une Puissance Étrangère

  70. Arretons l`Élevage de l`Homme par toutes ces Guerres concu par la Suisse - Banques & Templiers

  71. OCTOGON règne sur l`HEXAGONE; La Tyrannie Suisse en France

  72. SVP Leaks: the Plans of the SVP Nazis of Switzerland to Murder Immigrants in Concentration Camps

  73. Exécutions de Masse, Attaques Hélicoptère, Camps de Concentration, Nuit Cristal & UDC Parti Nazi

  74. Massenerschiessungen, Hubschrauberangriffe, Kristallnacht, Konzentrationslager & SVP Nazipartei

  75. Revelations, Musicians, Saints, Sisters of Isis and their Obedient Nazi Templars & Switzerland Base

  76. The World of the Nazi Templars of Switzerland, Simon Templar, Breivik, Utoya Island & Oil

  77. The Pharaoh Show (the original by Dr. Sdf. Sean Hross in one video)

  78. Le Pharaon Show (l`original de Dr. Sdf. Sean Hross dans une film)

  79. Die Pharaonen Show (das Original von Dr. Sdf. Sean Hross in einem Film)

  80. End All Wars: Stop The War Makers & The Templar War Funds of Switzerland

  81. MER-ah, MER = Pyramide, Suisse Base des Pharaons, Banques & Templiers Impliqué

  82. Günter Grass und Schweizer Banken; Pharaonen, Medien & Friedensnobelpreise

  83. Made in Switzerland: Torture, Terror, Murder, Hatred, Racism, Slavery & Neutrality Swindle

  84. The Templar Nazis of Switzerland Financed Adolf Hitler and WW 2 in 1923

  85. Switzerland: Suicide World Champion N° 2 (right after Japan). Zero Tolerance.

  86. N° 1 Crime Syndicat Switzerland: Hidden Ways, Sly Diplomacy & No Conscience

  87. The Vesica Illuminati Car Audi from Adam Weishaupt`s Ingolstadt in Germany

  88. Thank U You Tube - Swiss Sabotage of Uploads - Censorship SwitSSerland

  89. Vesica Illuminati Secret Symbol - Masonic Olympic Games

  90. 911/116 - 3e Reich - Simon de Montfort 1160 - Crusades/Croisades/Kreuzzüge

  91. S.S. Securitas Suisse - The Illuminati Police (a private busineSS)

  92. Swiss Banks Want War; organised crime syndicat of the Templars

  93. Confederate Flag-Swiss Confederation: the same people

  94. Holocaust Deniers, Revisionism & Swiss Neutrality Swindle

  95. Dictators & SwitSSerland: USA Invasion

  96. Freemasons Freimaurer Francmaçons Illuminati

  97. Pharaoh`s Business Logos

  98. Inversed Pyramid - Pyramide/Hexagram

  99. Organised Swiss Agressions - Organisierte Schweizer Agressionen