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Published on Nov 24, 2009

Fuller: Okay, then. I guess this is the end for us then.

Karleigh: I guess so. *gives him a hug* Bye Fuller. I mean it this time.

Fuller: I had a good time with you, Karleigh. You were my first love, and thats something that will never change.

Karleigh: Same here. I loved you, Fuller. *thinks: why is it so hard to say goodbye to him?*

Fuller: I loved you too Karleigh. I hope we can still be friends. *thinks: maybe then I can convince her to come back to me.*

Karleigh: *walks away back to the pool*

Karleigh: *goes up to Addi and Alison* Hey, have either of you seen Evan? I need to leave soon and I want to tell her happy birthday.

Addi: Oh, yeah I saw her around back.

Karleigh: Okay, thanks bye. *goes around to the back of the house and sees that its dark. She flips on the porch light* EVAN?! *sees that Fuller has Evan pinned against a wall, kissing her*

Evan: *holds up one finger* *pulls away* Yeah, Karls? *slurs her words, but Karleigh just assumes she has gum under her tongue*

Karleigh: What! Are! You! Doing?! Thats FULLER!

Evan: Oh, his it? I mean, lis it? Oh, lever mind! *goes back to kissing him*

Evan: *goes up to Karleigh* Karleigh, I am so sorry. I just-

Karleigh: Why is it these days people keep trying to feed me hallow apologies? I mean, I know they arent really sorry, because if they were they wouldnt have done something stupid, like, oh I dont know, played tonsil hockey with my ex boyfriend whom I may or may not have feelings for?!

Evan: Karleigh-

Karleigh: Hm. I guess some people really are two-faced these days. Maybe only Addi and Ali can be trusted now adays.

Evan: KARleigh!

Karleigh: Ev, how would you feel if I just went up to Nick and shoved my tongue his mouth?

Evan: Betrayed. Hurt. Angry. Unloved. Grossed out.

Karleigh: Okay, so take all of those emotions times 1,940 and thats how I feel!

Evan: Oh.

Karleigh: Yeah. *pause* Why dont you run along now? Im sure Fullers in the janitors closet with his tongue ready and some breath spray.

Evan: *shocked that Karleigh would say that and hurt* Well you know what?!

1. What's Evan gonna say??


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