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Published on Aug 27, 2009

This is how a sovereign conducts MYSELF in Bankruptcy court

I'll let the video speak for itself, but let me just point out a few things that you may or may not catch. First of all, I object to any names or titles such as Miss or STAR HILLS, (artificial joinder of the all caps 'name),
Second, the judge doesnt even know her own name and first calls herself 'Judge' Brimel, then tries to say that she wont allow me to 'interrogate the court', (she doesn't even know her own name)

,,,At this point you stay on point and do NOT let the judge deny you access to the court and/or due process, so take note, 'I allow her' to finish her 'opinion', (which is not LAW), and when she finishes 'speaking', I simply continue my line of questions, bear in mind, I don't know her from Adam, and must establish who she is and whether she has any affilliation with the opposition as I've filed dozens of documents into the record since April and they have been not only completely ignored every single one, but several judges and clerks have already conspired with GMAC to FRAUD me out of my home, (I have recussed 2 judges in this matter so far, one of which refuses to butt out and I have filed my objections to that and he has responded with no basis of his own for opposing me)
The judges have rolled the banks agenda forward to un-warrantledly seize my family legacy, (the CONstitution protects us from unwarranted searches and seizures as far as I recall, and although this CON doesnt apply to ME, the living woman, it does apply to THE ones who took an Oath to uphold it, and they must protect the sovereign (or ' Queen', which is who I am), as well as the citizens (subjects, although they're not MY subjects,) under said Oath, The courts even sent the Sheriff to my door to threaten me and posted a 5 Day Notice to Vacate, (that was back in May,,, as you can see,,, I'M STILL HERE :p)

and speaking of Oaths, note where I ask the 'alleged Judge' Diod you take an Oath inder God?, and she tries to sidestep this question by saying that ALL judges take Oaths, and doesnt remember the wording of her Oath, yet affirms that she is conducting herself in honor of that Oath, (that she doesnt remember)

I think I had her at hello,,, what do you think?

I think the judge did pretty good, but the attorneys for GMAC couldnt cite a single quote for the basis of their motion, just a long pause and then sa "GMAC claims otherwise" with NO basis for saying that,,,, that's because they HAVE no basis, so they just throw some blanket statement out there to try and cover thier fraud

nice try LIEWYER ,, can i get a drum roll?

Remember, if you know who YOU are as a sovereign, you conduct yourself as such, then you take authority over them, rather than the other way around, if you let them bully you, then you have given them the authority to do so, and they WILL run with that ball if you let them have it

This went as well as I could hope for, I will now enter my default of my Notice of Status on all government officials, and Bill them accordingly, and this gives me time for them to respond or acquiesce, (and they CAN'T rebut it, so they will HAVE to acquiesce) and I'll have time to file that evidence into the record also, (I'll be posting that Notice of Default on ThinkFree forum, for your review in the next week or so, (where you can register to see many of my documents I have filed in this and my other cases under the ID 'earthica-star' at the link below)


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