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Published on May 13, 2012

You asked for it!
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Thanks to Terabrite for mixing the audio and color correction, Patrick Mazzalo for After Effects, and Olga Kay for filming


This song sounds dramatic
but I'm bad at writing words.
If you don't speak English,
this probably sounds pretty good.

You'd probably think I'm singing
bout some pretty serious stuff.
But in reality, I'm singing 'bout
the lack of stuff i'm singing 'bout.

This part's intense.
And emotional.
As long as you don't understand it.

Your foreign grandma
would love this song.

Please send it to her,
and she'll probably tell her
foreign friends about the song her
grandson or daughter sent her today.

This song might hit the charts in her country
if parts sounded like Coldplay.

If the chorus sounds like Coldplay.

Then I put some 'La-La-La's in there.
La la la la la,
la la la la la la la (Coldplay)

Hopefully your foreign grandma
listens to this song everyday.
And if she asks you to
translate the lyrics, here's what you say:

"A perfect translation does not exist.
Well, at least, not in your language.
But if you must know, well, picture this:
Fifty billion rainbows,
and the sun is setting,
and the moon is setting, also,
and you're there in a gazebo.
And then God descends from heaven
and He gives you a million dollars.
Take that feeling,
and put it into a song.
I could translate word by word,
but that'd take too long.
And I've got stuff to do grandma.
I don't have time for this.
You've gotta trust me grandma,
this freakin' song is brilliant."

© 2012 Tobuscus

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Comments • 26,777

I reported this for nudity so the youtube staff watches the whole  video. XD
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At so Dutton
this song sounds dramatic or I'm bad at writing words if you don't spank English this Probably sounds pretty good
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David Cage
This song sounds dramatic but I'm bad at writing words. If you don't speak English, this probably sounds pretty good. Tobuscus, 2016. Fucking brilliant. Really.
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Lord Omega
David Cage that wasn't 2016 it was 2012
MysticRaidz HD
Nightmare Gaming 〉〉FR〈〈 10/10
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Kensey Devries
I don't know why,but I love this song
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Time Blitz lol u replied after 3 years xD
Time Blitz
Lol ikr! CX
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Cindy Guan
I got inspired by this song to write new, sad lyrics. It probably won't fit exactly, and I might've taken a few liberties, but I'd like to share this... Phew. This took me about an hour to make. Parody “Dramatic Song” by Toby Turner “Darkest Soul” by me I’m falling into darkness Feel a thousand eyes on me It reaches for me now The light shines, but I can’t see. In my world, the moon is rising On a starless blackness. The wolves of loneliness, they are chasing me While they whisper, “You will not rest.” I reach for the sky, please save me from this! So holy wings fly me to the moon. I can reach for the silver crescent The nightingales below me softly croon. “Who are you to rise on borrowed wings?” “Your stained soul will never see tomorrow.” “No one would cleanse you of this darkest curse.” “You of the deepest sorrow!” I, of the deepest sorrow! One cursed never to witness the light! Ah, Sorrow! I find their sad words to be true. Where there is light, there is shadow. There are those whom are blessed with luck, And some are for the gallows. Not everybody can have joy at once. I understand the bird’s song now. Looking back, my wings are ebony. These coal-black wings of hardened stone drag me down deep I was tricked and deceived from the very start, Drowning while the bird’s song rings through my ears evermore And the wolves rip at my broken heart. Take whatever you want from my crippled mind! And fling it into a ditch! I don’t really care, You can’t touch my soul of darkest pitch! I am all alone now The way it should be I wander the land of night Don’t ever try to save me.  
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Mr. Nico
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7:42:12 Song?
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Void Walker
Drama TicStorm
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Simon Madsen
I put my laptop in my grandmas grave... I didn´t get any response...  
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NinjaGo Reviewer
+Minato Namikaze EXACTLLY
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Tomari Jackson
e   - e Throw some dubstep-ish beats on this, and it'd be the shit.
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incongruent interrobangs
is that homestuck I see
Zacko Alexander
+Headless Gentlemen balls. im an adult
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Gabi Rous
If I would get 1 dollar for every Donald Trump Joke , I would have a small loan of a million dollars right now
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Lord Omega
Gabi Rous no, you would about a million a day, since people like to make fun of trump
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My Mom said one more video before bed. LOL
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Ender Pearl Magic
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i dpont speak english and its a suprise its good
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I'm the king of Dick Jungle With my Giant Anaconda
Kriien leamon
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