PsyOps: New Series US Dollar Bills Tell 9/11 Plan




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Published on Jan 25, 2008

Starting in 1996 a new series of US $5-100 bills tell the 9/11 story when folded. For the first time see the OLD and NEW bills side by side and learn HOW and WHY the changes were made to wage Psychological Operations Warfare on the US citizenry and the World!

FAQs about the US Dollar Bills 9/11 message

Q: The most frequent question by far is simply, Why?

A: Though they wield much power, the top Perpetrators themselves are few in number. Their target populations must be tricked into doing much of the work of their own subjugation themselves. Salary/contracts/bribery, threats, intimidation and assassination are some of the tools of the Perpetrators. One of the most important Perpetrator tools, arguably the most important, is trickery.
Without trickery, alert and courageous civilians will not allow their rights to be taken away very easily. Without trickery, many fewer soldiers will fight. How many troops would go off to war to kill and get killed if they realized that the very Perpetrators sending them were responsible for the deaths of their own countrymen and women -- possibly their own friends and relatives?

Still, why tip your hand? The seemingly counterproductive, counterintuitive, and contradictory act of Revealing your Method is part of the reason it works. However, it is a very, very high-stakes gambit and must be handled skillfully and with care.

Common reactions to seeing 9/11 forecast in the bills:
-This doesn't look like anything at all, or it's just a coincidence.
-The implications are so horrible that it can't possibly be true.
-Why in the world would anyone do this? It doesn't make any sense!
-If the forces behind this are so powerful there's nothing to be done.

Most of these reactions constitute confusion, denial and defeat, and allow the Perpetrators to move ahead with their plans without firing a shot. This saves them much time and effort at very little expense.

Another reaction:
-The ambiguously Revealed Method message is seen for what it is, and the bluff is called. Responses can take any number of forms, active and passive.

Q: Folding can create any image desired. Isn't this just a coincidence?

A: The actual fold involved here amounts to one of the very simplest there is. The bills are evenly split by length and width, and two of the adjacent long segments are placed side by side. That's it.
Changes big and small from the old to the new bills make them do what they do: Reveal the Method of 9/11 well in advance of the actual event.

The changes, the measurements and alignments are VERY precise. This is NOT a likely coincidence.

Also important is context. How much is VERY wrong with the official story of 9/11 and what followed? If the Perpetrators were cruel enough to carry out 9/11, is it so far-fetched that they would Reveal their Method as a PsyOps warfare gambit?

Compare the OLD to the NEW. What do you see?


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