Racial riots hit Milwaukee





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Published on Aug 30, 2011

Outside Milwaukee, riots broke out at the Wisconsin State fair earlier this month. It was alleged that hundreds of young black people were attacking white people randomly on the streets. The media has turned a blind eye to these unsettling events. Does this have anything to do with black male unemployment in the area? Bob Donovan, an alderman of the 8th district, tells us what it's like in Milwaukee.

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William Santiago
Why is it that black people think they're above every body. They get shot by a cop they get bent out of shape but when whites or Puerto Ricans like me or other groups get shot by the cops you don't see us doing this shit. Blacks are really making a name for us minorities.Wow!!!
The whole northern America is going to shit. Blacks are bring the city's down. Just look at Milwaukee, Chicago, twin cities and Detroit. Can't deny it.
this reporter is babbling the Wisconsin State isnt in Milwaukee Its In West Allis a mostly White suburb, she raps ofd about young blacks needing jobs they dont want jobs idiot, Ass kissing  self serving politicians like this clown caused the problem, Milwaukee has been gutted by diversity this bitch is totally clueless
Had enough yet?
Samuel Colón
I'm from Milwaukee, and I was pissed about this not being covered. I'm Puerto Rican, but I look white, and I was gonna go to state fair that day but decided to go the next day. After hearing about this on local news Ididn't go to state fair at all that year. About a week later the KKK come and have a rally in the city.... it was so disturbing. All those black kids have no idea what damage they did. 
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Multiple Sarcasm
And most of these so called hispanics try to identify with with white.
Multiple Sarcasm
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Niggers being niggers. Get your concealed carry license and shoot to kill.
Roger Clemons
White flight in Milwaukee began in the early 1960's around the same time the city began to increase welfare benefits for blacks. What that did was keep home prices in all white areas very high .( Shorewood and Whitefish Bay for example ) and the blacks were content to collect welfare and live in the inner city. Today homes in the black ghetto are worthless, for the most part , while homes just a few miles away in all white areas like WhiteFish Bay are $300,000 or $500,000 and impossible for blacks to own or rent. Blacks today are forced to live in Section 8 housing or low rent apartments or slum duplexes which they themselves keep in a state of squalor. In effect the white have lost patience with the inner city people and issues and moved their businesses to areas 10-20 miles north or west of the city where only white people work or apply for jobs, since the blacks often have no cars, no education and no ability to fit in with the whites who have a skill, a car and a life. The Milwaukee Police Department was run by a tough chief from 1964 to 1984 and he kept a lid on crime by keeping the gangs out of the city, and flooding the streets with police cars in high crime areas day and night. From 1964 to 1977 Milwaukee was the safest large city over 500,000 population in the nation. Once the chief retired, he was replaced with a Hispanic who was an outsider, then a Black who was ill prepared for the job and finally a Woman who thought being nice to criminals would solve the soaring crime rate. All 3 of these chiefs failed in their efforts. The 4th chief hired was a white guy, an out of towner who has done little to control crime. His police union showed it's love of him with a 99% no confidence vote. Yet his ego will not let him quit. The black areas of Milwaukee are devoid of stores, pharmacies, barbershops. coffee shops, clothing stores, restaurants, medical clinics and dental offices,, all of the things Whites take for granted. Most of their neighborhoods are full of abandoned businesses, burned out houses and empty lots. The only thing in abundance are gangs of black youth congregating on street corners , drug sellers and street prostitutes. Milwaukee's black hood is best avoided if you are white. It is very dangerous day or night.
Master's Degree
I lived just down the street from the Fairgrounds.  Wisconsins are the most racist whites in the midwest.  If any blacks attacked them, it is more than likely than not, those white folks were yelling a bunch of dumb statements and probably racist slurs.
Mrs. Davis804
Black Milwaukee is doomed. This video is almost five years old, and instead of seeing the reasons why and emitting empathy, their fellow Milwaukeeans of other races are on every youtube video with "race" and "riot" in the title. Sitting in the comments proving all the data about Milwaukee's title as the worst place for black Americans seem well-earned. No need to hit every video guys, from the looks of the data your ancestors shared your sentiments. Set it up quite nice. Diversely segregated.
Vyth Riel
This was 4 years ago.
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Mrs. Davis804
Nobody said they don't. It just doesn't take going four years back to do that. If the families inheriting wealth built that wealth off of unpaid wages, and pass down said wealth without direct settlement, they are all complicit. Its the reason why estate and death taxes changed to begin with. Can't have a truly fair race between a caged deer and an autonomous one, now can you?
thais holt
+Mrs. Davis804 I think people have the right to express their feelings, they're sick of the excuses and they're tired of apologising for things they haven't done,
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