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Published on Aug 29, 2012

15 years after hosting Europe's ugliest civil war since the Holocaust, VICE takes a road trip across the remnants of Old Yugoslavia.

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While most of us were still hung up on grunge, the republics of the former Yugoslavia spent the early 90s hung up on seceding into their own countries and mass-murdering people over infinitesimal ethnic differences. And the mid 90s. And the late 90s. To commemorate 12 years without a major attempted genocide, we decided to rent a Yugo and take a road trip through the Balkans to see what's going on and try to wrap our thinkers around what was up with all that ethnic cleansin'.

Our first stop: A nostalgic amusement park in northern Serbia that recreates Marshall Tito's Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with startling accuracy and grimness.

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Comments • 2,058

"Around the balkans" >visits Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia YEP THOSE ARE ALL OF THE BALKAN STATES, YEP
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Hahah rediculous video about Balcan. This idiot in the first came to Subotica, to some old fucker"s dream village with old pro comunist Serbs. Then, he went to Belgrade with kitchy plastic retarded barbie dol "singer", then to Kosovo and all in one strait line. For the end, he went to Sarajevo, great city and he taping only hard core muslims and mosques for some weird purpoise. There is only 4-5 thousands of this wahabi freaks in whole country and you represent Bosnia like muslim country. Thea are all products of war and islamic politic of the Middle East. There is 5 more countries in former Yugoslavia, not just twoo places in Serbia and one village in Bosnia. Same video i cam made in USA. and for example if i came to Louisiana to some forgotten Kajuni village in swamp and tape all incest born rednecs and present it to the world like that is USA. Then I go to the rednecs in Texas on some gass station and talk with some toothless guy and present him as AMERICAN. This is stupid propaganda video you made. 
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You went to some people who have a Yugoslavia nostalgia, then you went to turbofolk trash... Gypsy town and now radical islam. I'm not from Ex Yugoslavia but I find this material very disrespectful. You didn't go to real music stars such as Merlin, you didn't go to good places which the region offers. You decided to go into shanty towns. What can I else say... 0/10. Unfair video towards Ex Yugoslavia people.
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H. H.
I love how privileged middle class hipsters with some irrelevant degree in media visit cultures they don't know and don't care about and pick the most unfortunate parts of the country's society, while feeling so superior and sorry for all these weir people of the Balkan ("poor little druggies, aww they don't even know real music there, so shocking"). As macedonian dutch person I think this is just a disgrace for real journalism. You are so arrogant, you didn't even notice that the Balkan doesn't consist of only Serbia and Bosnia. Educate yourself before you judge or stick to your little hipster club scene reports.
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This reporter is so fucking hard to like, so I have to write a few things. It feels like he really really makes an effort of being perceived as "cool". It's so obvious he is putting on a show for us. But the person he tries to mimic is a douchebag, and I think this comes from his insecurity.  Because you can really tell how nervous and anxious this guy is. He always looks super uncomfortable when interacting with people. He keeps fidgeting constantly when in interaction. He talks very quiet (in a mumbeling way) and very fast. that was that, vice should send some other person the next time. 
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VICE ! you dare to call this so called "documentary" AROUND THE BALKANS IN 20 DAYS ???? SHAME ON YOU !!!! what a piece of shit of doc. this is....  now i know what to think about your other docs... take them with a HUGE RESERVE.... 
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This reporter didn't understand the balkans. (well how could he after only 20 days.) We are not really different to each other. Go to Zagreb,Sarajevo and Belgrad. Visit their clubs and pubs...you will hear similar music, the same loud people,the same dances,even the fuckin same drinks. Go to a eating place...Cevape,Burek,Pita,Sarma,grah,janje,odojak...you will always see the same fucking things. We have the fuckin same language. Look at the people,we look the fuckin same (well Albanians look a little different). We are practically the same...expect what? Religion. That is the only thing which divides us. For years I thought that my todays best friend Dino (I met him when I was 11) was a Croat. When I turned 15 I think it was,we had dinner at my home and my mother made pork. He couldn't eat it and I just asked why? My mother instantly got mad at me because I told her he was croat,if she would know hes Bosniak she wouldnt of made pork. My point is that I didn't see any difference for years. Of course,today I'm able to see who is coming from where by the name. Our past leaders Tudman and Milosevic sold us...this war ruined all of us.
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Derek Marlowe
20 days in an area as diverse, historical and interesting as the Balkans and this is all you could come up with? I spent only a few days there--I should have turned on my cell phone camera and started my own network. It certainly would have superior to this.
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Arlind Sadikaj
Around balkans in 20 days.... you mean ex yugoslavia in 20 days!! I hate this guy, he is the worst from vice...
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Edin Tarahija
The most beautiful country in the world, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina <3
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